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How do you like to communicate?

Marketing communication is not a one-size fits all and authentic marketing is very different, it doesn’t follow a set pattern or framework that suits everyone. Authentic marketing requires you to find your sweet-spot, your zone of genius and by doing so, you’ll get a lot more success and you’ll enjoy marketing yourself a lot more too!

What’s your favourite way to communicate? What method do you find the easiest?

Do you like to write or speak? Do you like to write and edit the written word? Do you like to answer questions given to you or do you like to have something scripted and pre-prepared?

What’s your zone of communication genius? You may be able to do all of them pretty well, but what do you most enjoy and find the easiest?

If you enjoy writing then blogging, email newsletters, guest blogging and writing online courses may be the best thing for you. If you enjoy teaching or training you could do podcasts or record audios like guided meditations. If you like responding to questions you could get interviewed (either on podcast or on video).

If you enjoy speaking AND being seen, then you can do video (either live or pre-recorded) or webinars if you like being in groups. If you prefer communicating in-person rather than online, then networking (which is a mix of 1-1 or 1-many usually) may be best for you. Or speaking, which is the 1-many model, helps you reach a lot of people.

So, my advice is do what you do best!

BUT also bear in mind….


What are the considerations?

Each of these methods has a different level of engagement, with writing being the lowest (but still really important), then audio, then video being higher and speaking in person being the highest.

There’s just something about hearing someone speak and meeting them in person which creates a much higher emotional connection and as you may know the saying, people buy from people.

Remember you can’t have a business without doing marketing. You just can’t! Marketing is a big topic. You have to learn to love marketing yourself, promoting yourself and selling yourself and your services or you won’t have a business for very long.

One way to do that is to discover your marketing sweet spot and use it to your advantage!

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