There’s a lot of talk in the personal development world about manifesting what you want and using the law of attraction and other techniques to create your own reality.

Just think for a moment about those words ‘create your own reality’ – what do they bring up for you? Do you think or know it’s possible or do you think ‘no way, life just happens’!?

I believe that we do, to an extent create our own reality using our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and life-force energy. I say to an extent because we have absolutely no control over other people so I think some things we just can’t create (force) because they involve other people.

We mostly however create our own reality unconsciously, which is how we create things we don’t actually want as well as things we do. For example, if you have limiting beliefs around money such as “I’m not worthy of having lots of money, no one would pay me that much money, I’ll always be skint” whether you’re consciously aware of these thoughts or not, you will create ‘always being skint’ in your reality.

If you want to know what your current and past beliefs are, look at your life. What you are creating is in direct correlation with what you believe is possible. So it is important to work on these thoughts and beliefs and also to challenge yourself to believe that so much more is possible for you.

It helps to spend time with people doing the things you want to do, or living the life you want to live – as it shifts your beliefs around what is possible in reality.

Being more conscious with your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours can help you create what you want, instead of that creation being run by the unconscious parts of you, which believe un-useful things. Plus if you know that what you do, think or believe creates effects in the world, you’ll be more conscious and aware and actually feel more empowered too.

Visioning what you want can be a really effective way of having your mind and subconscious believe that what you want is real and can happen. The mind sometimes doesn’t know the different between reality you are seeing and something you are creating as a vision in your head.

A lot of visioning techniques use only the power of the mind to imagine what you want in your head, but the technique I’m going to share with you goes a lot deeper as you will use the power of you mind AND your emotions.

Your Practice

#1 Pick a specific topic or area of your life, such as romantic relationships, career, family, health, exercise, personal growth or enjoyment.

#2 Be still and take a couple of relaxing deep breaths. Feel into that and what you want around this topic for a few moments. Choose a scenario on which to vision.

#3 Describe aloud what you want, but talk, as if it is happening right now in the present moment, not in the future. Eg “I am walking into the room and…”. Include details and be really specific so the vision is rich and real.

Describe aloud how you feel and as you do, actually feel some of that in the now moment. Eg if you’re saying “I feel excited and happy as I chat to my beloved” feel excited and happy as you’re saying it, even if just a little.

*** You’re getting what you want, in your head, right now, so enjoy the process, it will feel really joyful.***

Some pointers:

It’s ok to be real with challenges and to include them, so that you’re not faking it, or just pretending everything is perfect. You’re not just dreaming something that is ‘pie in the sky’ and not achievable but visioning your desires as if they’re happening, how they actually could happen. (But don’t get attached to reality occurring exactly as you’ve envisioned, as it will probably be different – you don’t get to decide the details of ‘how’).

This practice needs to be repeated for maximum effect. If you have a safe group that you can do this in front of, it will really amplify the effects. If you don’t, you can share below your vision or some of it at least.

With Love

Hils x

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