Get my self-hypnosis script template, recording and guided meditation to help open you up to receiving more financial abundance.

Right now, you may be:

  • Struggling to make the money you want with your business
  • Sick of worrying about money, cash flow and where your next client is coming from
  • Wondering what is holding you back from having more financial abundance


If so, this is for you

Imagine if you could more easily:


  • Get more clients more easily without doing more work
  • Be energetically open to receiving help, support and abundance
  • Feel easier about the topic of money and release your money blocks

These FREE GIFTS are for you if:

  • You have a service-based business such as a coach, consultant, wellbeing practitioner, designer, VA or therapist
  • You’re struggling with a lack of funds or income, or money blocks and limiting beliefs and just want the income to flow more easily
  • You’re worried you won’t make enough money and you’ll have to give up

What you’ll get:

#1 Opening to Receive guided meditation
#2 Create Financial Abundance Self Hypnosis Guide & Script (so you can record your personal hypnosis track) and
#3 My own recording of my ‘I am Financially Abundant’ guided hypnosis.

These will help you open up and receive more finanical abundance or whatever it is you want!  

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