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Are you self-employed, a freelancer or consultant, an independent business owner or a female entrepreneur and you want help with marketing yourself more confidently (or feeling more confident with your marketing)?

Yes! Then you're in the right place!

I help women entrepreneurs (established, aspiring or new ones!) to get to grips with the world of marketing and help them have the confidence, self-belief and courage to market themselves effectively and authentically so it feels really good to them!

Gone are the days of pushy, annoying marketing and selling.....

Now is the time for authentic marketing!


I’m here to help you confidently market yourself (your ‘personal brand’) in a clear, effective and authentic way AND help you feel confident with your marketing.

Because, it’s not easy to be seen, to put yourself out there (and possibly be criticised!). It’s not easy to stand out from the (very noisy) crowd, be true to yourself and create something your ideal clients want and will pay for.

I can help you do that.

Develop the courage and confidence to be seen, share your authentic message and create the successful, aligned business you want

Do you want to be more confident being seen instead of self-conscious or nervous when doing videos, networking or speaking in front of people?

Do you want to step up and out in the world more fearlessly, work through any fear, self-doubt, lack of self-belief or lack of self-confidence so you can SHINE?

Do you want more clients in your business and a more consistent income?

Do you want to focus your energy in the right direction to create a successful & aligned business

If yes to any of these, then you’re in the right place… welcome!

Right now you might:

– Feel sick when you think about marketing or selling yourself or simply hate marketing because you don’t know what to do

– Be struggling to make enough money from your heart-based work

– Be scared you’ll have to give up your dream and go get a job!

Lack confidence in putting yourself out there, especially via video

Feel not good enough, that you don’t know enough or feel like you’re a fraud (aka impostor syndrome)

– Feel stuck! You don’t know where to start with marketing, trying to follow too many little bits of information and not implementing anything!

Be procrastinating, feeling overwhelmed, putting things off and not getting very far very fast

Imagine what it would be like to:

Take the confusion out of marketing and social media and have a bespoke plan you can implement


Feel really good marketing yourself and actually enjoy it!


Getting great results (sales, likes, bookings) from your marketing


Stand out from the crowd, get noticed, be found and be heard amongst the sea of others

I would absolutely recommend Hils’ course to any female business owner, start-up or entrepreneur. It has absolutely BLOWN ME AWAY. I’ve been truly inspired, empowered, I’ve grown as a person, I’ve learnt new things. It’s given me so many benefits I never realised would happen; I’ve been able to make personal decisions that I may not have been brave enough to make, I’ve been more courageous in my business, I’ve stepped up to do bigger and better things. It’s just made me happier and more confident. This can really help you with wherever you are with your business. Hils is fantastic, you’ll absolutely love her. I highly recommend it.

Sarah Cook

Social Media Strategist,

Do you need Marketing?

YES! Only by putting yourself ‘out there’ in the market place (aka marketing), whether that is online (via video, blog, social media, podcast, your website) or in person (via networking, speaking) will you:

  • be seen, noticed and stand out from the crowd
  • attract more ideal clients to you
  • get known for what you do and be seen as the expert
  • have your stuff shared and recommended (through word-of-mouth)
  • be invited to speak, be interviewed or be an expert to someone else’s audience
  • secure guest blogs and media coverage/PR in magazines

AND I know it’s the hardest thing to do, yet it brings the biggest opportunities for clients, money and exposure.

Without effective marketing you’re actually doing a disservice to the people you want to help as you’re not reaching those who want and need your gifts!

If you’re struggling to implement the marketing plan or ideas, have sales conversations, ask for money or do ANY of the strategies you’ve learned from other courses and workshops or that you’re seeing online (you know, all those freebies you’ve signed up for) then there’s something else going on underneath.  There’s a problem with the roots or trunk of your tree.

Check out my Authentic Marketing Tree here!


Most people are focused just on their ‘outer’ expression and strategies and not on their inner landscape, confidence and presence but, you need BOTH. You need to be focusing and working on your confidence and energy too, or the strategies simply fall flat.

I did the full six-week course with Hils and a wonderful, supportive group of women – and I can say hand-on-heart that it was the best thing I have done for my personal and professional life. If you are at a crossroads, going through a period of change, or are just feeling like you have more to offer than you are currently materialising, then don’t hesitate to sign up – you won’t regret it. The effects have been truly transformational for me, I am doing things now that I have been sitting on for years, have a newfound voice and courage to truly be me. Getting in touch with my inner power, feminine energy and intuition has been incredibly powerful. Thank you Hils, and I really look forward doing some more work with you in the future. much love xxx

Aaliyah Hussain

PHD Writer on Muslim Women's Rights

So, what’s needed:

  • Marketing which combines strategies AND presence (outer and inner, the branches, leaves and flowers AND the roots – see my Authentic Marketing Tree visual here)
  • An integration of the three main energy points in the body; head, heart and hara (my secret weapon you don’t even know you have)
  • Marketing which feels good to you (phew) and helps your uniqueness shine through
  • Marketing which is more about sharing your gifts and serving your audience, than selling your wares



Confident Authentic Marketing


Working with me will help you:


market yourself with more confidence, whether that is online or in-person and ask for the sale (aka the money)

speak, network and do video with more authentic confidence, presence and credibility and less anxiousness and nerves

– have the courage to be truly you, find your unique voice and message and share it publicly

access your inner power, intuition and feminine energy

beat procrastination, master your fears and work through your blocks in a gentle, effective way

– step up to do bigger and better things with your business or birth something bigger in the world

– find your authentic voice, write or speak with more authority on your heart-felt message

feel stronger, happier, clearer and more connected to your truth

This is for you if:

– you are a heart-centred, independent business women in the service industry, such as a coach, therapist, freelancer, consultant, facilitator, or teacher and you want to have more clients

– you are a female entrepreneur with a ‘personality brand’ (ie your business has your name, like mine!) and you want to market yourself in a bigger way so you can make more income

– you truly want to make the world a better place by sharing your gifts with integrity and make an impact with your message and story

– you are ready to courageously express yourself and play a bigger game with your business


This is not for you if:

– you’re satisfied with the quality and quantity of clients you have

– you want to stay where you are

– you believe you can develop a successful business using strategies alone

– you think it’s unnecessary to invest in your personal and business growth

I’ve experienced a big positive change in my confidence and self-belief. The coaching sessions were exciting, interesting, challenging and empowering. I felt so safe working with Hils, which enabled me to push my boundaries and set a new path. I love her passion for the work and the variety of what she delivers. It was an opportunity to realise my own strengths facilitated by Hils’ caring and sensitive style and to kick start a journey of self-discovery and self-love. The sessions will help you to realise your own strengths and give you the tools to help yourself.

Emily Kidson

Massage Therapist

How to work with me – Your options

I offer 3 different packages of coaching to help you Market Yourself Confidently, from a 90 minute introductory Marketing Confidence Boost Session, to a package to help you Get Confident Doing Video, to my 3 month holistic program, Be a Confident Authentic Marketing Marvel.

Either click the links above for more or see them as drop-downs from this work with me header.

If you have any questions, do get in touch here.


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