Empowering Business Women

I’m passionate about empowering all women to love and accept themselves just as they are, to dare to be all of them, to be naturally confident and authentic, to enjoy being in their unique and powerful feminine essence and to live life to the full from a place of health and well-being.

I believe that when you know, live and speak your heart’s truth, love and accept yourself fully, feel confident in who you are and can courageously share your gifts with the world, your health, well-being and happiness will improve.

I empower female entrepreneurs to believe in themselves, feel more confident, act more courageously and manage their fears more effectively, so they can:

have more presence and credibility

put themselves out there (aka market themselves) with more ease and confidence

attract more ideal clients and feel confident asking for the sale

find their unique voice and message so they can stand out from the crowd

cultivate the courage to live and do business authentically

create a soul-aligned, sustainable business they enjoy

make more than enough income, while honouring their unique feminine essence and who they truly are

I work holistically (because you are more than just your mind!) using body-based techniques, energetic practices, mindset tools, guided meditations, coaching, tracking (which is similar to mindfulness) and many other tools and processes from the work of Heart Intelligence, NLP and the Art of Feminine Presence to guide women entrepreneurs to more self-awareness, positive shifts and greater resilience, success and well-being.

I work both in groups through workshops, programs and courses (online and in person) as well as coach people 1-2-1 (online or in person). All my programs are designed to help my clients be more relaxed and naturally confident, believe in themselves more, expand into more of their potential and have the courage to follow their dreams.