If you don’t want to take my word for how good I am ☺ and want to hear what people I’ve helped have to say, have a look at some of the lovely testimonials I’ve received…

Empowering Business Women


I would absolutely recommend this course to any female business owner, start-up or entrepreneur. It has absolutely BLOWN ME AWAY. I’ve been truly inspired, empowered, grown as a person and learnt new things. I’ve been able to make personal decisions that I may not have been brave enough to make, I’ve been more courageous in my business, I’ve stepped up to do bigger and better things. It’s just made me happier and more confident. This can really help you with wherever you are with your business, it does what it says on the tin – it helps you to Boost You to Boost Your Business. Hils is fantastic, you’ll absolutely love her. I highly recommend it, you’ve got nothing to lose, so go to a taster and see what happens.

Sarah CookFollowing: Empowering Business Women's 6 week Course

To anyone running or starting up their own business: I really recommend Hils’ Boost YOU to Boost Your Business 6 week Series. After spending so much time studying, then finally taking the leap to go self employed, the 6 week course has been invaluable. Hils and the work she is putting out is so authentic and heartfelt. Each week I would learn something new about myself, including how to work through my own blocks. Hils work has also enabled me to connect with a tribe of women and be part of a community of entrepreneurs that support one another.

Helen DeanFollowing: Empowering Business Women's 6 week Course

I’ve just been on the radio! I wanted to tell you how Hils’ Boost YOU to Boost Your Business series has had such a positive impact on me. I was driving here this morning feeling a bit stressed, a bit shaky and with fluttering in my chest BUT I knew what to do before going in, thanks to Hils – I channeled my energy into my hara, instead of being in worry-head mode which I can do if I’m not careful and I felt like the radio interview went well 🙂 I want to thank you Hils for giving me this amazing toolkit to improve my life and my business. Thank you Hils

Lisa BeasleyFollowing: Empowering Business Women's 6 week Course

Try out a taster – you will love it! I went to this amazing wellness circle last week in Bristol and highly recommend it for any self employed women to join a group of like minded women all supporting one another, skillfully and lovingly guided by Hils Crisp to find ways of bringing more balance, power and nourishment into our lives. So often being self employed we work alone, so it was wonderful being in a group. Its win win all the way!! Xxxx

Fleur BarnfatherFollowing: Empowering Business Women's Taster

I had a really good time at Hils’ Women’s Wellness circle. I feel content and I’m really glad that I chose to come here instead of getting in with my ‘to do’ list, because now I actually feel I have the energy to get on with my ‘to do’ list, rather than feeling knackered and stressed. So, thank you ever so much Hils. I’d really encourage anyone who’s thinking of coming to do it, because it’s been a really good use of two and a half hours.

Kate McEwanFollowing: Empowering Business Women's Taster

I’ve just experienced Hils’ Business Women’s taster morning and I’m feeling very calm, happy and delicious. It was a wonderful experience, lots of tools and techniques. Hils is super passionate and it was very supportive, lots of sharing. Thoroughly thoroughly enjoyable and I highly recommend it to all female entrepreneurs/small biz owners. Hils is really brilliant at opening our eyes to…. MORE!. Thank you Hils.

Sarah CookFollowing: Empowering Business Women's Taster

Thank you so very much for a wonderfully empowering introduction to your Women’s Wellness Circle. I left feeling reconnected with my feminine energy, nourished by the inspiring women that I was surrounded by. I loved the concept of listening to, and working from, my womb space and as I type this now I can feel a fire in my belly that is driving a confident, strong, capable and powerful woman.

DebbieFollowing: Empowering Business Women's Taster

Hils you are just a little too amazing!! Life is flowing fast in the direction of all of my dreams, I couldn’t have hoped for more. Although I do think I need to be careful what else I wish for as it may just come my way. Learning to fall into womb space has been a great tool for me which has allowed me to feel more in my power, more confident and filled with greater clarity.

AnneFollowing Empowering Women's Course

Amazing WOMEN!! This work will change your life!!! I love it and Hils is an incredible teacher. I have done 3 of these (similar) courses with Hils and I can honestly say that they have contributed massively to my personal development. They have enabled me to fully embody and embrace my own feminine power, know deeply what my unique gifts are and trust my intuition to follow my path in life. Highly recommended! <3

Keeley TomkinsonFollowing Empowering Women's Course

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