If you worry that you’re too expensive, you don’t know what to charge or you feel uncomfortable about your prices, do these 3 things.


I was working with a new client recently who was worrying about her 1-2-1 sessions being too expensive.

She admitted that she always wants to (and often does) jump in and offer a discount as soon as she’s said the price due to feeling uncomfortable.

She didn’t trust that people would pay the full price.


Before our session, I took a look at her website and saw that her 1-2-1 session had no copy about it, just a price. Obviously, on the rest of her site, she had information about what she does, but it was mostly in groups.


There was nothing that informed the reader what they would get for their money if they had a private session with her.


She was making the most common mistake I see people making all the time. See number 1 below.


#1 Ensure your offer is super clear


Your offer (1-2-1 program/session, workshop, group program, retreat or whatever) needs to have clear benefits and a clear and specific outcome.

This is what people pay for – the results.

They want to know what they’re getting for their money!


Position your offer as the solution to a key problem your ideal client has that they urgently or desperately want to resolve, or something they want to achieve.

Then make sure that your marketing messaging is clearly communicating that outcome/result and the value of that.

Make sure you are not just selling your time, because people don’t want a reiki session or 6 hours of coaching, they want to achieve something specific or solve a problem. That is the result you help them get.


For example, see the difference between:

6 hours of coaching vs Back from the Brink of Burnout

£1200 may seem expensive for just ‘some coaching’ or ‘1-2-1 sessions’ but if you’re on the brink of burnout and this program is offering you a clear solution to come back from that and be well again, £1200 doesn’t feel so expensive.


Sell the outcome and the value of that.

Your PRICES should reflect the VALUE of the OUTCOME of your offer, to your ideal client.⁠

That’s why being really clear on your ideal client and creating offers with them in mind, makes all the difference.


#2 Sense-check the competition


Most business advisors and coaches will recommend you do some research on your competition; what they’re offering, what they’re charging, what they’re saying etc. While this can give you valuable information, it’s not always helpful.

Sometimes doing competitive research can send you into a spin and have you questioning whether you can make a success of your business at all.

If you’re going to do some research into your closest competitors, make sure you’re in a good place mentally and feeling confident in what you’re offering. If not, it can too easily lead to you feeling not good enough.

However, if you’re worrying that your offer is too expensive (and maybe that’s why people aren’t buying it) it can be useful to just sense-check your price with a few people doing a similar thing.

Of course, it’s not black and white, no two offers will be exactly the same; your experience and theirs may vary widely, your ideal clients will be different, the results you’re helping people get etc may all be quite different.

A quick look will probably prove that you’re not too expensive at all.


It’s much more likely to be an ‘offer’ issue. See point 1.


#3 Check in with your money mindset


What’s really going on if you’re worried about your offers being too expensive, is much more likely to be a mindset issue.

Money mindset is all about how you feel about your worth and your relationship with money, earning money, being paid etc. It’s a big topic and it can affect so many parts of your business.

Why do you think you may be ‘too expensive’?

Too expensive for who/what?

Your prices, while reflecting the value of the outcome (see point 1) need to also feel comfortable (or a bit of stretch) to you too.

  • You need to be able to say the price to someone and not want to immediately discount it.
  • You need to believe what you’re offering is worth what you’re charging.
  • You need to be confident with your offer and really understand the results you help people get.


Once you have all that and you can wear your price like a lovely, comfy smart jacket that you feel amazing in, you won’t worry about being too expensive because you’ll know, it’s spot on!

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