Fall in love with (or at least like) marketing & create the thriving, soul-aligned business you want

…with my tailored 1-2-1 coaching program!

Right now you may be:


  • Feeling stuck and confused about how to make your marketing work
  • Not achieving your goals let alone your big dreams
  • Struggling to put yourself out there with full confidence and clarity
  • Feeling like you haven’t yet ‘found’ your true calling/ niche but really want to
  • Have loads of ideas but you’re getting overwhelmed with how to make them happen
  • Not getting enough clients or making enough money consistently

All my work centres around these three essential pillars:


To be more visible, find your voice, follow your truth, awaken your potential and really go for it


Focus on the right marketing for you and your business, so you achieve your goals


Marketing and promotion that feels good to you and your audience and utilises your key skills
When I came to see Hils for some help with my marketing and mindset about 18 months ago, I was stuck, stuck, stuck. I was relying solely on word of mouth (and just about making it work). But I wasn’t growing. I wasn’t visible. And I was feeling pretty rubbish and unsure of what to do to change things.

Hils gave me the ‘gentle-but-supportive’ kick up the bum I needed to get myself on LinkedIn and sort out my woefully out of date website. She broke it down for me into weekly tasks and bits of homework so it didn’t feel too overwhelming, and was kind but firm about the steps I needed to take. I’ve done other courses and coaching since, but Hils you were without a doubt the catalyst to me changing and growing my business.

I’ve quadrupled my turnover since that first day I came to see you, and now get regular leads from LinkedIn – THANK YOU for kickstarting that process for me. I’m SO grateful for that. And if you’re a business owner or freelancer and feeling like I did at the beginning of this quote, go see Hils. She’ll sort you right out (in the nicest possible way). 🙂

Jo Marshall

Business Owner & Senior Copywriter, All Things Words

This program can help you:

Ignite your aligned vision & mission
Boost your confidence
Claim your soul-aligned gifts and deep calling
Believe in yourself and that you can do this
Make more impact with your work
Feel more courageous
Charge your worth and up-level your business

Imagine stepping into who you’re meant to be, helping others and having the business and life you dream of, without the stress, confusion and overwhelm?


It is all possible, you just need to give yourself permission to SHINE!

It’s amazing how one can have a great skillset but not necessarily be automatically great at selling and marketing one’s services. I feel sure that any entrepreneur, no matter what their service area is, would benefit hugely from going through this process with Hils. She makes it fun, clear, interactive, and holds a very safe and grounded space throughout. I gained lots of insights and feel way more equipped to move forward with a great set of new tools. If you want to step up your game, and be better rewarded and clearer for the amazing work you offer (or know you want to offer), then I would recommend this as the best place to start.
Gina Schofield

Guidance from the Stars

This program is for you if:

– you are a heart-centred, ambitious businesswoman with a service-based business, such as (but not exclusive to) a coach, health/ wellbeing practitioner, therapist, healer, personal development facilitator, trainer or spiritual guide.

you have big dreams and want your business to thrive (and bring in enough/lots of money consistently) but you’re confused about how to market it well or how to create or implement a marketing strategy

– you are either just starting, ready to upscale, want to re-brand, change your niche or re-focus or just have a re-think because what you’re doing isn’t working and you need to have more clients so you can grow your business and income and make the impact you want

– you want your business to be soul-led and aligned and reflect your deeper values

– you want to follow your deeper calling but don’t know how to get there and don’t feel confident enough yet

– you have tons of exciting and scary ideas and don’t know how to implement them

– you are stuck, confused, frustrated and uncertain of what to do

– you either don’t like marketing, don’t know how to do it well, don’t know where to start, struggle to implement or feel stuck and are sick of getting lost on social media and that time spent not resulting in clients


This program is not for you if:

– you have a hobby business with no real desire to grow your income or impact

– you think you know it all already and are not open to learning more

– you’re satisfied with the quality and quantity of clients you have and income you make

you are clear about how to market yourself effectively in a way that feels good

– you haven’t yet started or you have no idea what your business is about


Hils Crisp is THE best! I’ve been working thru’ her Strategic Marketing Mentoring Package with her over the last 6 months. It’s helped me find my voice, know what to say & how to say it. This has had a HUGE, positive impact on my business which has grown exponentially as a result! I can’t thank Hils enough nor recommend her more highly! 🙂❤️🙏
Devaki Yoga

Founder of Curvy Girl Yoga

My Story

I’ve had my own business since May 2014 and it has been quite a journey. I’ve taken risks, made mistakes, been disappointed, learned a lot and figured a lot out myself too. I so get how difficult it is to know what marketing activities to focus on or what advice to take.

Luckily my university degree and professional background were in marketing and business so, although it was very different doing it for myself, I just understand how marketing works.

The thing that’s made the biggest difference for me is continually learning and developing myself and getting help – remembering that I don’t know it all! I’ve attended so many workshops, done several business courses and learned what I needed to fill in the knowledge gaps. I always go further when I invest in a business coach or mastermind.

I’ve consistently worked on my mindset, my money blocks and my confidence and I believe this is necessary to create the success we desire. I’ve worked with business and other coaches and group programs off and on and always see the positive difference when I have the right coach.

I blog regularly, have a lovely Facebook group, built a following and I regularly share my knowledge and help people through videos and speaking. I go networking and have made loads of lovely business friends which feels really supportive.

I’d love to help you too; to fall in love with marketing, to do it in a way that feels authentic, to do it with confidence and joy and to have it be effective.


I’ve just finished working with Hils on a 6 month 1-1 private coaching programme where she helped me get my head around marketing, identifying my ideal client, getting some clarity and structure around my business and getting some sales and experience under my belt now.

I was just getting started when I met Hils and was full of enthusiasm for following my passion, I just needed some help to hone my message, get opportunities to share it and put some plans in place. She patiently helped me work through her systems and shared loads of resources for me to use.

At the end of the programme, we looked at planning tools that I can now use going forward having built up some experience of how I want to work and what I offer. This was absolutely the right way round for me to do things. I always felt Hils was working with me and giving me the tools to use to help me shine and never saying how it should be done or in a certain order.

She was always there to lend a hand or look over content and give feedback and is a supportive friend. We all need those when we’re in business for ourselves! Reach out to her and she’ll be there for you!😁

Gwenne Dickson

Coach & Spiritual Guide

Wouldn’t it be great to:

  • Go from hating marketing to feeling really excited about marketing! (it is possible)
  • Have a clear marketing strategy and plan so you know what you need to do each week
  • Have an extremely helpful sounding board for your thoughts and ideas from an experienced marketing professional and help to distil these ideas into an actionable plan
  • Stop second guessing your decisions and have someone holding your hand
  • Have someone to look over all your content and copy before putting it out there and offer constructive feedback
  • Feel way more equipped and supported to move forward in your business
  • Be more efficient, productive and focused with your new tools
  • Grow in confidence and clarity in all areas of your business and marketing
  • Get more clients and start earning money or making more money consistently
I am thrilled with my experience of working with Hils. I’m a channeler & Energy Healer and all the marketing and business side of things is new to me.

Before I worked with Hils, I felt really lost, overwhelmed and had no idea where to begin with my marketing or how to move things forwards and was totally stuck.

I really appreciate how she broke things down for me, simplified and explained how the different elements of marketing work and how to do them. the best thing about working with Hils is that she really is so knowledgeable, supportive, would provide so much clarity whenever I got confused and made me feel like I could do it.

I would highly recommend anyone who feels stressed out or overwhelmed with building a business to work with Hils, as she takes all of that away and makes it simple, quick to do and effective! Plus she’s just a really lovely person!

Morwenna Bugano

Channeler, Teacher & Energy Healer

The kinds of things I help clients do:

  • Get clear on their niche and ideal client
  • Create or update their website
  • Change niche or direction
  • Set or change prices and positioning
  • Create compelling offers they feel proud of
  • Write more engaging copy and content
  • Uplevel – pricing, branding, messaging, ideal client
  • Grow in confidence with their business abilities and what they’re offering
  • Have the confidence to experiment and practice
  • Implement their ideas
  • Go from procrastinating. feeling stuck and getting confused to feeling clear and making positive progress
  • Create an effective marketing strategy and plan so they can achieve their business goals
  • Establish themselves as credible, build a great reputation and become known as the ‘go-to’ expert in their field.
  • Step up their game, get more clients and grow their business and income
  • Grow their audience and make more impact with their work
  • Have more confidence to put themselves out there and promote their business
I signed up to a 6 month coaching plan with Hils as I was feeling overwhelmed with trying to grow my business and a constantly increasing to do list. Procrastination was my middle name, I just didn’t know where to start!

Hils was gentle but firm in her approach and gave me the kick up the backside I needed to get moving and assisting me to get clear on my vision for my business.

We worked on many things in that time including identifying my ideal client, pricing and how to market in a way that felt good to me. She taught me her 90 day success planner which I am still using now and is so useful in keeping me on track with my weekly focus.

I also had a website created in this time which Hils helped me to write the copy for. I also loved how she was always at hand and quick to reply to my emails when I needed support with something.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your business looking for a helping hand I would definitely recommend Hils.”

Sally Millar

The Secret Studio


My expert help and support for 6 months to help you set and achieve your aligned goals.

We work back from what you want to achieve so you’re focusing on the key things you need to change in your business and with your marketing so you start getting the results you want, in ways that feel right and good to you.

We won’t be able to do everything, but we can get you to a much better place and help you achieve your goals, whether that’s more clients, more income or more clarity and confidence.


* the pay now button is to pay £1200 in one instalment – the cheapest way. You can pay 6 monthly instalments at £210 per month or 2 instalments (3 months apart) of £615, please enquire by emailing


Features – explained

1-2-1 mentoring and coaching sessions to coach and teach you on business, marketing and confidence. These are tailored to your specific needs. An outline is made during the first session. Held over Zoom and a recording sent afterwards with homework and clear action steps.
My Soul-Aligned Business Clarity Audit is a workbook for you to do upfront to help you get clear on what you want for your life and your business, what you’re really here to do and want to do and to set some clear goals to aim for.
Soul-Aligned Success Strategic Goal Setting & Planning Process worth £97; a self-study training to help you achieve a LOT more (particularly to actually achieve your goals), be more focused and productive and create a soul-aligned business. Check it out here for more info
All the useful resources you don’t even know you need; such as templates, checklists, calendars, plans and practices which will save you time and headaches!
Reasonable email access to me in between sessions for support such as answering quick questions, feedback on things like copy, 1-minute pitch or flyers. Reasonable meaning once or twice a week on average and is led by you.
Accountability check-in emails on Monday and Friday to help you get clear on your goals and tasks for the week ahead, stay on track and get my support in working on the right things. Optional!
And if you want help with JUST ONE OR TWO things (eg your 1-minute pitch, pricing or marketing your events), want a massive injection of ideas or just can’t afford a longer package, check out my one-off Marketing Confidence Boost Session instead.
My business has gone from strength to strength over the past two years and I love what I’m able to offer these days. Working with Hils was really the catalyst for that. She helped set me on track by encouraging me to invest in my business, to plan ahead and to consider the needs of my clients. She has a patient and approachable manner that feels supportive and trusting – everyone needs a mentor in my opinion, and I’m more than happy to recommend Hils!
Alison Powell

Writer, education consultant and writing coach

Next Steps:

I like to talk to all potential clients before we agree to work together, to find out where you’re at and what you’re struggling with so I can see how I can best help you and to see if we’re a good fit.

I’ll help you get clear (or clearer) on what you want to achieve, we can talk about the program, and you can ask me any questions you have about us working together. I’ll help you decide if it’s right for you right now or not.

Please book a free, no-obligation Discovery Call below. It’s not a hard sell, I like to sleep at night!

Many people have huge insights on these calls.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Terms & Conditions:

Please see my terms and conditions here. If you have any questions, please contact me here and ask.

Frequently asked Questions

I can't afford it / It's such an investment
Business coaching or mentoring is a long-term investment in you and your business. Just as a website is, for example. But a website is next to useless if you don’t have the right copy or you don’t know how to promote your business and drive people to your website.
If you’re serious about building your business, you absolutely need to learn how to market it or you won’t have a business for very long. Learning these skills and plugging your knowledge gaps will stay with you for a long time.
You will put systems in place which will benefit your business for many years to come and save you countless woman-hours or procrastination, not to mention stress and overwhelm. It’s a lonely and frustrating place, not knowing the way forward or how to do something.

Shift your thinking from “how much is this costing?” to “where will this investment take me?”

I know the investment will be so worth it – so book a call and let’s talk about it.

I'm scared it won't work for me
I totally hear you and I don’t want you to work with me unless you’re totally certain. Which is why I always get to know potential clients first on a Discovery Call.

There may be fear (and that’s totally normal) but if there’s excitement too about what you can achieve, then don’t let your fear keep you small. If it is fear and a lack of confidence holding you back, I can help you with that.

You can do this! I can show you how and help you with the fear, lack of confidence, procrastination, fogginess or mindset blocks, or whatever is in the way.

Let your desire to create a successful business be your guiding light.

I’ve already tried business coaching / I made a mistake in the past with a business coach so how do I know this will work for me?
I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with a coach or it didn’t work for you. It’s much more likely a problem with the coach than with coaching. Perhaps they weren’t experienced or just weren’t right for you at the time.

When I first started my business I hired a very expensive business coach (I’m talking thousands)! It was a mistake for me at that time as I struggled to implement all she was sharing and it was really for people who’d had their business for a few years. I was a beginner!

So to be clear, I work mostly with women just starting out and up to about 3 years in business or who are wanting to change direction and do things properly this time. If you feel like a beginner and want to make sure you’re getting the basics right (even if you’ve been in a business for years like some clients), this is for you.

Obviously it’s an investment and I’d want you to feel 100% happy to be working with me, so let’s get to know each other. Book a Discovery Call (see button above) so you can grill me!

I am here to serve you, so although I know the steps you need to take to be doing effective marketing, I will not railroad you. I will listen to you and dive into your business with you, understand your values and what you’re trying to do. I will be your guide, mentor and advisor and I will empower you to create the business you want.

The sessions are organic in nature and we’ll work on what you need to work on with an aim to cover all the marketing basics you will need and achieve your goals. In the first session we’ll discuss what topics we’ll cover and outline a plan.

I think I should wait until; I can afford it/ I’ve got the money, next year, next month, I have it more figured out
This is a common thought and like the scared it wont work question above, I invite you to feel into whether it is really fear that is putting up the block. The truth is you may never feel ready! I’ve done so many things before I’ve felt ready, it is scary. But magic happens when you take the leap (or small step) of faith.

Often I hear from potential clients that they want to create their website first or feel they need to be clear on their niche first, before working with me. But NO! This is exactly what I can help you with, help you get clear on, so you don’t waste time (and potentially a lot of money) having to do something like re-create a whole website!

If you’re struggling now with your marketing and it’s not working, waiting and continuing to do the same things isn’t suddenly going to bring in more clients and money! You have to learn how to market your business properly and get help before you’ll change the results you’re getting.

Let’s get on a call and I can help you feel into whether it is fear or genuinely not the right time.

I'm not clear on my niche, is this right for me?
I wasn’t at all clear on my niche when I first started my business in 2014 and my niche actually shifted several times and majorly from personal development to business development and marketing coaching as I do now, until 2017.

You don’t need to be fully clear on your niche (who you help, what you do & how you help people), you only need to have it about 50% clear or more.

I can help you get clearer on your niche and help you test the market, try some things and experiment, so you can get even clearer.

I find the clarity will also emerge over time through action and working with clients, for which you need confidence and some marketing knowledge first. So don’t wait, sitting around trying to figure out your niche as that’s not how it will come. Get started and it will find you.

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