Right now you may be:

  • Struggling to figure out where to even start (or continue) with marketing your business effectively and are feeling tired of doing everything alone
  • Lacking in self-belief, confidence, clarity or consistency to market what you do properly and get the results you want
  • Struggling with a lack of sales, clients, leads or audience and wondering how on earth to find the right clients
  • Confused by all the information about what to focus on and how to market your business effectively
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the options and your never-ending to-do list (and like you’re always short on time!)

This group program will help you:


Implement simple, effective, actionable marketing strategies that feel good to you and your audience


Get clear on how to explain your services so your ideal clients know that you can help them


Get organised, focused and productive, be more consistent with marketing so you can make the best use of your time


Generate more leads and convert them into clients you love, so you can make the income you desire


Get the biggest return for the least effort


Have more confidence to put yourself out there and promote your business, your way


Create a marketing plan for what you need to be doing weekly and monthly to be effective and consistent with your marketing


Wouldn’t it be great to

Create a thriving, sustainable and financially successful business doing what you love, with less stress & more time for the things that are important to you?


I’d started to feel overwhelmed with the marketing of my business not really knowing what to do to attract more clients. Finding Hils has been a light at the end of the tunnel. Hils has given me the tools – and confidence – to market my business more effectively. Thank you Hils

Sandra Halward

Colour Consultant and Make up Artist

This program is for you if:

– you are a heart-centred, independent business women with a service-based business, such as (but not exclusive to) a coach, therapist, freelancer, consultant, facilitator, or teacher

you want your business to thrive but you’re not totally clear on how to market it well or how to create or implement a successful marketing strategy

– your business stage is from start-up to starting to get established (0-2 years)

– you’re wanting to get serious and make your business full time or increase your income consistently to at least £1-2k per month

– you either don’t like marketing, don’t know how to do it well, don’t know where to start, struggle to implement or just feel stuck and you want results!

– you’re tired of running your business alone with very little support and you really want to grow your business now

This could also be for you if you’re a few years in and wanting to re-fresh, re-brand, go back to basics, or go in a new direction!

This program is not for you if:

– you’re not willing to put in the work to learn AND implement marketing strategies that will bring long-term growth

– your business is already where you want it to be and you have no desire to grow further

– you are clear about how to market yourself effectively in a way that feels good

– you haven’t yet really started or you have no idea what your business is about yet

All my work centres around these three essential pillars:


Marketing and promotion that feels good to you and your audience


To be visible, share your opinions and put yourself out there


Focus on the marketing activities most effective to achieve your goals

I’m in the very early stages and reluctantly getting my head around all this marketing stuff; feeling somewhat overwhelmed and inadequate! Hils was brilliant, very clear, full of brilliant, simple ideas that can take me to the next stage. Helped me to better understand my value; focus on who my clients are and their needs; reduce my business admin and increase my ROI; while at the same time increasing my online presence. Hils has such a calm and confident approach, backed by really sound knowledge and resources to offer. Sure she could add value to any business. Thank you so much Hils, lots to do but I know where I’m going now xx

Catherine Bowen

Optimising Health and Wellbeing

My Story

I know I couldn’t have got to where I am now without investing in myself and my business and learning from people who were more successful or more experienced than me. I’ve done several amazing business courses, not least B School from Marie Forleo, worked with several talented business coaches and mentors and attended countless workshops over the last 5 years or so since deciding to start my own business. Often when I’ve felt really scared to invest the money!

The first 3 years were tough, as even though I have a degree and background in business and marketing, I hadn’t had my own business! Now, I’m motoring as I’ve figured out (from all the options, tactics and strategies) what works for me and I can do that for you too. I’m able to take information in like a sponge, implement it and also distil the important bits to teach and coach my clients on, in a way they can understand and leaving out the unnecessary stuff. I can help you figure out what you should be focusing on which will work for your business.

I’m so excited to bring all my skills, experience and knowledge from my background, own business and from working 1-2-1 with clients, into this more accessible group program. Read more on my story here if you wish.

Imagine if you could:

  • Get more clients consistently and be financially independent
  • Have an effective marketing strategy and plan so you’re clear what you need to do each day, week & month
  • Be the go-to expert in your field and be seen as credible and authentic
  • Feel confident marketing your business and actually feel really excited about marketing! (it is possible)
  • Have lots of ideas and be able to distil them into a kick-ass marketing plan
  • Be more efficient,  focused and productive with your time

Would you want that?

I had a great marketing coaching session with Hils and came away with lots of tools, techniques and templates to implement in my business. I had been doing some planning and goal setting work for the year ahead but was struggling to put this into a workable plan. I felt she understood my business well and helped me identify my weak points (mainly in planning and consistency) and immediately sent me some really useful templates to address this. I thoroughly recommend Hils, I’m looking forward to a great year ahead.

Lesley Waldron

Wild Country Woman

Program Curriculum:

This is what we will cover week to week. As you can see you will; build solid foundations for your business, get clear on your goals and create a winning success strategy, learn how to effectively and authentically promote your business in a way that feels good to you and your audience, create an easy to implement marketing plan and learn how to be more efficient and focused with your limited time.


Week #1: Understanding your Ideal Clients

This is who you are serving, what you’re helping them with and how. If you want to know where to find your ideal clients, how to attract them and how best to speak directly to them, this process (which is an absolute MUST!) will help you do that. It will lay the strong foundations for the rest of your business and make all your marketing so much easier.

Week#2: Create offerings your ideal clients will love

When you take the time to understand your ideal clients, you can create your offerings (products and services) with them in mind, creating exactly what you know they want and need – making the promotion part a whole lot easier! This week we’ll look at mapping out the Customer Journey (aka Sales Funnel) and creating services, events and offerings that your ideal clients actually want. It may not be what you think or what you have already.

Week #3: Price your Services Confidently

Money, money money – such an important and contentious issue! I’ll help you figure out how to price your services, courses or events so they’re at the right price (not too high, not too low) for your ideal clients.

Week #4: Website Basics, Creating Effective Copy & List Building

Getting your website and copy working for you is key, so it converts enquiries to leads and leads to clients – once you get it in front of people (which we’ll cover in module 3). We’ll cover what web pages are needed and what info to put on each page, plus basic SEO & Google My Business set up. We’ll go through creating effective copy for your services, courses or events and you’ll get a template to help you. We’ll also look at building an email list and creating a ‘lead magnet’ (ie something free) to encourage people on to your email list so you can nurture them towards becoming a client.

SEE BONUS BELOW: you’ll also get a personalised online appraisal report with feedback and recommendations on how to improve your website.


Week #5: Strategic Planning & Effective Goal Setting 

You’ll take your new offerings and start to get strategic with how you want to grow your business. We will work through a simple and unique process to help you get clear on your life and business goals for the following year. Then you’ll create a strategic (and flexible) plan for how you want to achieve them and learn how to track them.


Self-belief, confidence, mindset, managing fear and becoming more visible are all key aspects of being able to market yourself more confidently and all my stuff (as you know) is about doing this authentically, in a way that feels good to you and your audience. You’re going to get some amazing practices to help boost your confidence and self-belief.


Week #6: Making the Most of Networking

You will craft a concise, clear and memorable introduction to your business with the right words, by going through my step-by-step process and learn how to network effectively and build useful business relationships.

Week #7: Mastering the Social Media Minefield

Understand how the main key platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linked In) differ and how to use them. Learn how to create interesting and engaging social media content (including promotional content) and how to re-purpose content – so you can boost your profile, gain more likes and followers, build the know, like and trust factor and ultimately gain more clients.

Week #8: Being visible through videos and speaking

The best way to get more clients and grow your business is to be more visible and the best way to be more visible is through doing videos and speaking. I’ll walk you through how to do Facebook lives, what to include, how long it should be and how to do the tech side too plus set you a visibility challenge of doing a Facebook live in our private Facebook group. We’ll also cover how speaking can build your credibility and how to get speaking gigs.

Week #9: Authentic Selling

I know you don’t want to be ‘salesy’ or sleazy, but without sales, you have no business. Marketing can do a lot but sometimes you need to close the sale too. You’ll learn what authentic selling is and how to have an authentic and effective sales conversation so you can convert potential customers into clients for your high-end offerings.

Week #10: Using Events to promote your business

You’ll learn how to use events to promote your business & up-sell more services, whether that is through taster sessions, workshops, masterclasses or longer events, and whether free, low-cost or paid. You’ll also learn how to effectively market and sell your events and get those bums on seats!


Learn all the ways you can promote your blog so you can drive traffic to your website, build credibility and grow your audience. Get a super useful checklist for where and how to market your blogs.


Week #11: Beat Procrastination & Better Manage your Time

You’ll learn what procrastination really is, why it happens and a simple process to help you move through it (so you can prevent it from stopping you make progress). You’ll also get tons of tools and techniques to help you better manage your time and focus on the things that will make the biggest difference.

Week #12: Create your Successful Marketing Plan

In this final week, you’ll bring everything together and create your successful marketing plan, based on what goals you want to achieve and which marketing activities you want to implement. This will help keep you on track, stay focused and keep your marketing consistent. It is so much easier to work from a plan each month, week and day.

I had a one to one marketing session with Hils which was amazing! It was so helpful to have her look at my offering with her marketing know-how. She had looked at my online presence in great detail before I met her and was therefore able to give me lots of feedback on where I was doing things well & where I could improve things. Everything she said made perfect sense and was presented is such a thoughtful way. I’m still buzzing with ideas from our session – just need to get cracking! Highly recommend!

Lisa Beasley

My Body Positive

What's included:


A masterclass video (30-60mins in length) each week on the lesson with me explaining the concepts and what you need to do.

Facebook Group

This private group will be your safe place to ask any questions, get support and constructive feedback (from me and your peers) with my full attention daily Mon-Fri (at least)



An activity-based resource (handout, spreadsheet, checklist, template, script etc) to support you in studying and implementing the material


Accountability Buddy/Pod – if you would like one. Someone to keep in touch with to help you stay on course, achieve your goals and for mutual support


Live Group Calls

Live group Q&A coaching calls x 3 (90mins each) where you can get coaching from me and ask any questions. In weeks 4, 8 and 12.

Peer Group Learning

Rich learning and support from your peers because 'you don’t know what you don’t know' and the ability to generate ideas for your business together.


Starts: Monday April 23rd

Duration: Runs for 12 weeks (so it ends on Friday July 12th, just before the school holidays start!)

Delivery: all materials, masterclasses and live calls etc will be delivered within the private Facebook group, all online so you can learn from wherever, in your own time.

Access: you will have access to all the materials in the Facebook group until at least mid September. You can also have all of the materials (videos and resources etc) to keep.

Follow on: there will be a way to continue supporting each other with a monthly mastermind after the program ends


Receive your personalised online appraisal report:

Feedback on and recommendations to improve, your website


Enrolment closes in








Investment & Enrolment

You have 2 choices (see boxes below) and can pay by credit/debit card or Paypal by clicking either of the buttons below. If you’d like to pay by bank transfer, please make your payment to Hilary Crisp, account no. 41263036, sort code 070116 and email me on hils@hilscrisp.com to let me know.

Please make sure you have read my Terms and Conditions before you enrol as by making payment, you are agreeing to these terms.

If you have any questions (not answered by the FAQs below) or want to have a chat about whether this is right for you, please email me asap on hils@hilscrisp.com.

Enrolment – next steps

Once I have your payment, I will send you an email (to your Paypal email address if you don’t let me know otherwise) and request you complete an intake form so I can get to know you and your business and best help you throughout the program. Then by April 23rd, you’ll get a welcome email with all the details and invitation to the Facebook group.

This is an investment in yourself and in your business. If you’re going to generate an income in the region of £1-2k (or more) per month consistently, then you need the right systems in place, you need the right know-how and skills and the confidence to go for it.

That’s what this program will give you.

This is a high-value program packed full of content and I will do all I can to help you succeed.


Are you ready to really go for it?

Frequently asked Questions

How much time will the program take?
  This is an in-depth, comprehensive program. To watch the videos, engage in the materials and do the activities, I expect you’ll need to devote around 2-4 hours a week for 12 weeks. You will also need more time for implementation (such as updating copy on your website), you will have more to do some weeks than others. Obviously, the more time and energy you put into the program, the more you will get out of it.  
I'm not sure I can afford it, will it work for me?
  Doing a program such as this is a long-term investment in you and your business as you learn how to create a successful business. Just as a website is, for example. But a website is next to useless if you don’t have the right copy or you don’t know how to promote your business and drive people to your website. If you’re serious about building your business, you absolutely need to learn how to market it or you won’t have a business for very long. Learning these skills and plugging your knowledge gaps will stay with you for a long time. You will put systems in place which will benefit your business for many years to come and save you countless woman-hours in procrastination, not to mention stress and overwhelm. It’s a lonely and frustrating place, not knowing the way forward or how to do something. This is an in-depth, comprehensive program and I know the investment will be so worth it because of the skills and knowledge you will have at the end. Of course, I can’t promise it will work for you as I can’t do the work for you. I can only teach, guide and coach – you will need to do the rest. This is also the first/pilot test of this program and I know the value of what you’ll get will far out exceed the investment. I fully expect the price to rise a lot from the second time onwards. You could also calculate how many clients it will take you to pay off the investment. For example, if you charge £60 per hour/client, then you will only need an additional 8 or so clients and it will have paid for itself – although you will reap the dividends for years to come!    
I'm not sure I'm ready, perhaps I need to have it more figured out first?
    This is a common thought and one which can often just be the fear talking – fear of failure or fear of success. You’ll never really feel ready! I’ve done so many things before I’ve felt ready. It is scary – I get it. But magic happens when you take the leap (or small step) of faith towards your dreams.    
I'm not clear on my niche/business, is this right for me?
This is where I was when I first started my business and hired a very expensive business coach! It was a mistake for me at that time as I struggled to implement all she was sharing. However, you don’t need to be fully clear on your niche (what you do/how you help people), you only need to have it about 70% clear. I can help you get clearer on your niche and help you test the market, try some things and experiment.  
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