Are you ready to SHINE?

This 90 minute session will help you:


– Get unstuck from your soup of frustration and confusion around marketing and what to do next

Feel more confident, courageous, clear and energised with your marketing so you can get on with it

Beat procrastination, master your fears and work through your blocks in a gentle, effective way

Feel stronger, happier, clearer and walk away with an action plan for your marketing for up to 3 months


What a gift – both Hils Crisp and the work she shares with her clients and groups. Her knowledge and expertise, coupled with her authentic presence and genuine desire to help others experience the feeling of wholeness are a powerful combination. She certainly walks her talk, sharing the possibilities and benefits of just being yourself without fear of judgement. Highly recommended!

Tamsin Acheson


This is for you if:

– you are a heart-centred, independent business women in the service industry, such as a coach, therapist, freelancer, consultant, facilitator, or teacher and you want to have more clients but struggle with marketing

you don’t like marketing, feel stuck or don’t know where to start and are sick of getting lost on social media and that time spent not resulting in clients


This is not for you if:

– you’re satisfied with the quality and quantity of clients you have

– you are clear about how to market yourself effectively in a way that feels good


Working with Hils lifted up my business. Not only did she provide me with great strategies and tools that work, but most importantly she let me see the way how I can earn money by doing what I absolutely love. She merged two worlds : business and transformational work. During the time we worked together, she made her program very custom made so I always ended the sessions with a very clear idea how to move forward and what the next step was I needed to take. She is an awesome woman who works from the heart. Thank you Hils!

Marleen Ceulemans

Coach & Author

What you’ll get:

– 90 minutes of my time and expertise in marketing and confidence to work on any issues you’re having with your marketing – whether that is strategy (I don’t know what to focus on) or detail (how do I…?)

– Clarity on what you want to achieve in your business and help to create some clear goals

– You’ll walk away with some clear, achievable tasks to implement and the confidence to move forward

– Clear on where to focus your energy (because you can’t do it all), confident and ready to hit the ground running

Together we will create a clear pathway for you to market yourself and your services, confidently and effectively.

What this is:

This Marketing Confidence Boost is an organic 1-2-1 mentoring session to help you get to grips with the mess of thoughts and ideas that are going around your head and are all over your laptop!

It is a one-off introductory, 90 minute session with excellent value so you can get results fast and I can showcase my expertise so, hopefully our relationship will grow and blossom afterwards.

The 1-2-1 session (90 minutes) is conducted over the internet using conference calling software called Zoom where we can see and hear each other plus share screens. Once paid, you’ll receive an email with the link to book your appointment in my calendar and a short client in-take survey to complete beforehand.

PRICE: £99


To Book:
Please make your payment using the button below. You will then receive an email (to the address associated with your Paypal account) with details of how to book the session.

Please see my terms and conditions here. If you have any questions, please contact me here and ask.


Find out more:

Find out more about my ‘marketing confidence’ work here and more about my Authentic Marketing philosophy here.

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