Right now you may be:

  • full of exciting ideas but getting lost and stuck with how to make them happen

  • confused and overwhelmed about what marketing to do and how to do it or where to start

  • lacking clarity, focus, direction, a strategy or a plan and mostly just winging it

  • unsure what to write/say to get your message across without being pushy

  • trying to market your business but nothing is working, you’re not getting enough clients or making enough money
  • struggling with fear, self-doubt, mindset, confidence, being visible and staying consistent

  • having BIG dreams, BIG plans and BIG goals, but don’t know how to get there

Wouldn’t it be great to

consistently sign up ideal clients to your higher-end, longer, signature group or 1-2-1 program without being pushy, struggling with marketing ideas or spending all your time on social media?



Introducing my group program, Ignite your Soulful Business…

Find out all about it, straight from the horse’s mouth (ie me!) in this video, or read on:

This group program will help you:


Get clear and confident to market your business authentically and effectively


Craft at least one offer (program, package, workshop or whatever) your ideal clients actually want


Be proudly marketing and selling your offer and signing up dream clients


Get results; getting dream clients, earning money & making solid progress


Get out of your own way, gain in confidence and feel that you can actually do this


Have a clear action plan of what marketing to do and how to do it, that feels right for you

I wanted to say a big “Thank You” to Hils for the amazing Marketing made Simple programme that I’ve just completed along with other lovely ladies. I was a complete novice and didn’t have a clue where to start having been in employment for 30 years. I have learnt so much as a beginner starting out on setting up my business and benefited hugely from the content, resources and templates provided.

Only just finished and already the results are tangible as in getting new clients! This programme is phenomenal value for money and well worth investing in if you want to give your business the best chance of success! Thank you Hils.”

She also posted this, 3.5 years later “The content and value in the programme was amazing, I learnt so much and your empathic, encouraging and supportive approach gave me the confidence to believe it was all possible and I’m still here doing it 🙏🏻🙌🏻.

Definitely do this if you’re starting out, you won’t regret it!”

Cathy Regan

Image and Impact Coach

If you want to join a group of courageous women, already know you’re a YES and just want to jump to the details and payment options, click the button below to check it out.

This program is for you if:

– you are a heart-centred businesswoman with a service-based business, such as (but not exclusive to) a coach, consultant, trainer, facilitator, therapist, wellbeing practitioner, freelancer, healer and you want to do more than charge per hour for your time

– your business stage is from start-up to starting to get established (0-3 years but could be longer)

– you’re wanting to get serious, make your business full time or increase your income consistently to at least £1-2k per month or more

– you either don’t like marketing, don’t know how to do it well, don’t know where to start, struggle to implement ideas or just feel stuck and you want results!

– you’ve done some training and you’re ready to start your business and work with some dream clients

– you’re tired of running your business alone with very little support and you really want to grow your business now

– this could also be for you if you’re a few years in and want to refresh, re-brand, go back to basics, or go in a new direction!


This program is not for you if:

– you’re not willing to put in the work to learn AND implement marketing strategies that will bring long-term growth

– you have a product or MLM business

– you’re a well-established business and feel confident about your marketing

– you’re not open to deep personal development and shifting your mindset and energy and being honest and REAL

Following a discovery call with Hils, I decided to book onto her Marketing Made Simple course which was an online course. It was truly brilliant. It was challenging at times but Hils knows exactly what you need to know. The Online Appraisal (of all your online presence) was absolutely phenomenal and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Book onto this course, Hils guides you through with positivity and fantastic feedback. I wish I’d done it years ago!!!

Rebecca Spittles

Divorce Coach

Rebecca’s Story:

Before starting this program, Becca was at the point of giving up. Nothing she was doing, was working. Nothing. At all.

She’d recently started her new Divorce and Separation coaching business. Although she knew what she had was worth something and had potential, she was struggling to nail down what that was or how to offer it. She wanted to be able to put it all together and charge for it but was struggling with, well, everything!!! She felt ready to do something ‘proper’, to be an expert in her field, not just giving it all away for free.

She had a really good feeling about what she was offering and she really wanted it to work. But she needed focus because she lacked clarity, which in turn made her panic!“The course was so good, I wish I’d done it years ago!”

“It’s much more than just a procedural-based learning of how to market your business. This course helped me to truly understand my business and marketing myself. It’s given me so much confidence in myself and what I’m offering, knowing that I do know my stuff and helping me believe in my business.” She can now confidently put herself out there and say the words “I’m a divorce coach!”

“This course gives you crystal clear clarity.”

She told me, “you think you know what you know but until someone like Hils comes along you actually don’t!!! I was making SO many little mistakes that were clogging progress up. Hils was able to show me what I did and didn’t know with a fresh pair of eyes and point me in the right direction with clarity.”

One of the most important things she learned was really understanding her ideal client, her wants and needs. “It blew my brains and has been vital to my business.” “I couldn’t recommend the program enough to people!” “The biggest game-changer was the ongoing feedback from Hils which was invaluable. I’d reached the point where I needed honest, constructive feedback and someone to ask me the right questions. That’s really helped my confidence in myself and in my business, and to understand what it really is that I’m offering.”

“I’ve achieved all my goals! I’ve just loved it. It was so good.”

And 3.5 years later… “My business gets stronger along with my confidence year on year. Cannot recommend this course enough!”

By the end of the program, you will:


– have created at least one signature offer (program, package, workshop or whatever) your ideal clients actually want

– be proudly marketing and selling your offer and signing up dream clients

– have an effective marketing strategy and plan of what marketing to do and how to do it, that feels right for you

be clear and more efficient, focused and productive with your time

– be getting your message across with clarity and consistency

– be generating more leads, growing your network and getting clients

– feel confident marketing your business your way and actually feel really excited about marketing! (it is possible)


Do you want that?

The Marketing Made Simple Programme by Hils Crisp was just what I needed to get my marketing in-shape. Delivering fantastic, easy to use templates, the course was well structured to guide you through what you need to do to successfully grow your business; and working on your confidence and mind-set at the same time. I would thoroughly recommend making both the time and financial investment in this online course.

Janice Cook

Virtual Administrator


My Story

When I started my business in 2014 I was running, deep, transformational women’s groups all about developing more confidence, self-awareness and having more presence. I was so passionate about helping people with personal transformational (due to my own journey that I was on and still am on now) that I trained in NLP, EFT and Heart IQ and worked with people for a few years.

Gradually my background in business and marketing crept back in, this time in a more aligned way, I started helping other businesswomen doing service-based work to market themselves authentically.

So as a marketing, confidence and business coach I offer a unique blend of personal transformational work (practices, tools, techniques) not just on mindset but on your energetic presence, your deeper self-belief and embodied, authentic confidence.

AND practical step by step business and marketing training and coaching, from strategy to the how-to detail.

I’m heart-centred, soul-aligned, purpose-driven, and on a mission to bring more integrity into the business world.

I’m soul-oriented not just goal-oriented.

I can help you figure out what you should be focusing on which will work for your business. I’m so excited to bring all my skills, experience and knowledge from my background, own business and from working 1-2-1 with clients, into this powerful group program.

When I signed up for this course I had completely lost my confidence in my ability to make a living by being a therapist. I was about to give up.

I was so broke it was very scary to spend the money. But I knew from having already attended a few workshops with Hils, that this was going to be priceless in terms of giving me the methodology I needed to relaunch my business effectively and to gain my confidence back.

I was not disappointed. Hils is a very special, heart-centered and gifted teacher who knows everything we need to do to succeed but also how to teach this in an accessible way.

Julie Decarroux

Being Resourced


Enough clarity on your niche and ideal client so you can market yourself clearly


To be visible, find your unique voice, share your opinions and put yourself out there


Personal growth, mindset and energy shifts so fear and doubt don’t hold you back

Hils is a superb coach. She has a really good balance of being nurturing and informative. I am finishing the course a bit behind schedule and Hils has given me the encouragement to keep going. The wealth of information that she shares with you and the tools that she gives you blows my mind. The effort that has gone into the structure of the lessons is immense – I don’t think she missed a single thing.

If you were on your own figuring all this marketing malarky out it would take a lifetime. Hils has every spreadsheet and ways of working already for you to use, that I know I’ll use time and time again. I also loved that she included EFT to help unblock some of our resistances, it was again, a perfect balance of both strategic and instinctual lessons to guide you to running a successful business. I learnt a lot more than just marketing strategies and I am beyond grateful. Thank you Hils…I am on a Roll!!!

Amie Higginson

Bespoke wedding dress designer, Fleetwood of London





These are the 7 main business/marketing trainings we will cover on a fortnightly basis.

See below for more about the personal development and other aspects of the program.

Lesson 1: Define your niche and Ideal Client

Understanding exactly who you are serving, what you’re helping them with and how is fundamental to your success – this is your niche. By identifying and really understanding your ideal clients you will know where to find them, how to attract them and how best to market to them. This lesson, which is an absolute MUST, will help you to lay strong foundations for the rest of your business and make all your marketing and decisions so much easier.

Lesson 2: Create one signature offer your ideal clients will love

When you take the time to understand your ideal clients, you can create your offerings (products, programs, services, events etc) with them in mind, creating exactly what you know they want and need – making the promotion part a whole lot easier! This lesson will guide you to create at least one signature offer that your ideal clients actually want. It may not be what you think or what you have already.

Lesson 3: Price your Services Confidently

I’ll help you work on the money blocks that are in the way of you charging what you’re truly worth and making your dream income. You’ll learn how to price your offer so it’s at the right price (not too high, not too low) for your ideal clients and so you can make a profit.

Lesson 4: Attract ideal clients through meaningful marketing content

Learn how to generate leads into your business through marketing content and lead magnets. You’ll walk away with TONS of ideas for marketing content that you can use for social media, blogs, videos and email marketing that will speak to your ideal clients and have them wanting to work with you.

Lesson 5: Nurture leads and grow your network

You’ll learn how to nurture those new leads through email marketing, videos or social media and how to network effectively so you can grow your network, grow your audience and warm people up to being ready to work with you.

Lesson 6: Authentic Promotion, Sales & Customer Service

Learn how to promote your business and have authentic sales calls, effectively, with integrity and without feeling pushy. Plus learn onboarding new clients so they feel held, how to gather information for your marketing and asking for testimonials.

Lesson 7: Strategic, Soul-Aligned, Goal Setting and Planning

Learn this unique goal setting and planning system of getting clear and soul-aligned, having a clear 3-5 year vision, setting 12-month and 3-month goals, mapping out your year strategically, then planning out all your tasks and marketing in a 90-day plan (by week) which will help you stay focused, aligned, clear, consistent and productive.

It will reduce stress, confusion and overwhelm and stop you from procrastinating from a lack of clarity about what to do!

In addition: Personal Growth

Not a single ‘step’ but woven throughout the program… you will be on a personal growth journey clearing your blocks, working on your money mindset, shifting and uplifting your energy and developing your authentic presence and confidence using various tools and modalities, so you can step into your gifts, claim your awesomeness and pour it all into creating a soul-aligned successful business.

Practical details

This is a super affordable, high-value, 2-day online business strategy and planning and personal growth retreat.


Wednesday January 11th & Thursday January 12th, 10-5.30.

4 x 90-minute sessions (max) on zoom per day with regular screen breaks.

Recordings can be made available if you need to miss any sessions but it will of course be best if you attend the whole 2 days live.

Grow you to grow your business

You will work on your mindset, and energy, clearing limiting beliefs, fears, and negative thoughts so you are in the right head & heartspace to create authentic success.

Strategic Business Goal Setting & Planning

You will take all your ideas, thoughts, and dreams and create clear, aligned goals AND a clear, achievable plan for 2023 and for the first quarter so you have focus, motivation, and a clear direction.

It's a chance to work ON your business, as an ambitious business owner before you get lost in the busyness of working IN your business.


This will run from April 4th to July 3rd.

13 weeks in total.

There will be a private Facebook group for all sessions, recordings, sharing and connection.



You have 2 choices…

1) VIP OPTION: If you’d like some ongoing 1-2-1 expert coaching with me in addition to the self-study course so you can get individual help, tailored to your business and your needs, then choose this option.

You will get 2 x 60-minute coaching sessions, held online (plus help via email) which can be taken during or up to 3 months following the end of the program (ie by end-Sept) so you can keep making progress and implement your strategy with confidence.

2) STANDARD OPTION If you’re a self-starter and good at studying and working on your own or in a group, pick this option, which includes everything except the 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

Please see the prices for paying in full or by instalments in the boxes below, for each option. Paying in full is via Paypal (you can use a credit/debit card too) and paying in instalments is setting up a direct debit for the payments.

If you’d like to pay by bank transfer, please email me on hils@hilscrisp.com and we can organise that.

Please make sure you have read my Terms and Conditions before you enrol as by making payment, you are agreeing to these terms. If you have any questions (not answered by the FAQs below) or want to have a chat about whether this is right for you, please email me asap on hils@hilscrisp.com.


Discovery Call

It’s important to me to have the right people in the group as it’ll be a small group of women doing personal (as well as business) development together. So please book a time to have a chat with me here. If you have any questions about the program or are interested but not sure whether it’s right for you, check the FAQs below and book a discovery call.

How to enrol

You can enrol either directly with me or here on the page (use the ‘enrol now’ button in the table below for your choice). You will receive your bonus workbook, Soul-Aligned Business Clarity Audit to complete and my intake form to fill out, so I can get to know you and your business and best help you throughout the program. Then by March 28th, you’ll get a welcome email with all the details and an invitation to the Facebook group.



Enrolment closes in












A strategic goal setting, planning and productivity process to create soul-aligned success with your service-based business. This is a digital training you will get at the end and I’ll take you through the process on the online retreat at the end of the program so you walk away with your next quarter all planned out, knowing if you execute your plan, you’ll achieve your goals.

Worth £97 – more details and available to buy here.


This workbook will help you get clear on your overall direction and goals for your life and your business, on what you’re really here to do and so much more. This kind of clarity will help you implement the rest of the course and stay motivated as you’ll have a clear compass to follow.

Worth £29

and if that wasn’t enough, the first 4 people to enrol will also get….


A bespoke, 30-minute, 1-2-1 EFT session to help you work through and release blocks to success and achieving your goals such as imposter syndrome, negative money beliefs, getting triggered, comparing, procrastination, perfectionism, fear or self-doubt.

Worth £77

I’d started to feel overwhelmed with the marketing of my business not really knowing what to do to attract more clients. Finding Hils has been a light at the end of the tunnel. Hils has given me the tools – and confidence – to market my business more effectively. Thank you Hils
Sandra Halward

Colour Consultant and Make up Artist

If you are IN, if you are a YES, jump back to the payment options now.

If you have any questions about the program or are interested but not sure whether it’s right for you, check the FAQs below and book in a quick chat with me here.

This is an investment in yourself and in your business. If you have BIG DREAMS and you’re going to generate the income you want, then you need a solid strategy, the right systems in place, the marketing know-how and skills and the self-belief and confidence to go for it.

That’s what this program will give you. I’ve got your back.


Are you ready to really go for it?

Frequently asked Questions

How much time will the program take?

This is an in-depth, comprehensive program. To watch the videos, engage in the materials, join the coaching calls and do your homework, you’ll need to devote around 3-5 hours per week for each of the 13 weeks. You will need a lot more time for implementation such as updating copy on your website, creating your marketing plan, creating content etc. You will have more to do some weeks than others.

You will likely use the materials as a reference manual to refer back to, for many years to come. Obviously, the more time and energy you put into the program, the more you will get out of it. Building a business takes time, patience and determination, over time. You will need to consider always putting aside time each week to work ON your business, ON marketing AND ON yourself.

I'm not clear on my niche/business, is this right for me?

You do need to have a good idea of what kind of work you want to do, but you don’t need to be 100% clear. This course will help you get a huge heap clearer. So long as you have a good idea or are at least 50% clear, let’s get you going.

The only way to get clear is by starting, experimenting, putting offers out there and working with clients – this program will help you do that without damaging your brand before you get started! That is how you get clear, not by waiting, thinking and hoping.

I think I need to make more money first / be further along

I’ll be honest… how are you going to make more money without some help if what you’re doing already isn’t working? You have to invest, learn what you need to know and build your confidence so you can plan an effective strategy and execute things well from the start. You have to know your foundations are correct and working, you need to know what you’re doing on your website and social media and you need systems and good habits in place so you’re really productive.

Please don’t wait to get help, you’ll wish you started sooner once you do. This program will honestly bring you much further along than where you are right now. You’ll have the clarity and confidence to really get going at the end.

I'm not sure it's the right time

This is a common thought and one which can often just be your fear talking – fear of failure or fear of success. You’ll probably never really feel ready! I’ve done so many things before I’ve felt ready, including starting my business! It is scary – I get it.

But magic happens when you take the leap (or small step) of faith towards your dreams. If not now, when?

You have to discern that of course. Let’s jump on a call and I can help you get clear one way or other.

I'm not sure I can afford it, will it work for me?

Doing a program such as this is a long-term investment in you and your business as you learn how to create a successful business. Just as a website is, for example. But a website is next to useless if you don’t have clear messaging, great copy or you don’t know how to promote your business and drive people to your website.

If you’re serious about building your business, you absolutely need to learn how to market it or you won’t have a business for very long. Learning these skills and plugging your knowledge gaps will stay with you for a long time. You will put systems in place which will benefit your business for years to come and save you countless woman-hours in procrastination, not to mention stress and overwhelm.

It’s a lonely and frustrating place, not knowing the way forward or how to do something. This is a comprehensive program and I know the investment will be so worth it because of the skills and knowledge you will have at the end. Of course, I can’t promise it will work for you as I can’t do the work for you. I can only teach, guide and coach – you will need to do the rest.

Previous clients have made back the investment in new clients whilst doing the program and this is my aim for you too. I know it can feel like a big investment (I’ve invested big in business programs too) but you really do have to spend money to make money. If you really want to do this, I believe the universe will respond and you’ll find the money. I challenge you to step out of your money blocks (something we’ll cover in the program) because if you don’t get help and learn how to do this stuff, how will things improve on their own?

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