The Aligned & Authentic Business Retreat

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 Right now you may be:

  • challenged by self-doubt, a lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, or feeling not good enough
  • lacking focus, procrastinating, feeling overwhelmed, and getting confused about what to do
  • struggling to get enough clients and feeling despondent about how to turn it around
  • lacking the necessary structure, clear goals, and feel-good plan to make progress
  • struggling to show up and be really visible and market yourself well so you stand out
  • inconsistent with your strategy and activities and getting inconsistent results
  • sick of the feast and famine nature and want more consistent income
Imagine feeling super charged, super clear, and super confident and having the best year yet in your business?

Introducing my strategic business and personal growth retreat for soul-led women… 

The Aligned & Authentic Business Retreat

Business skills do not come naturally to me as a creative person and I have struggled with how to run a business and fit in. Hils’ Business Boost Retreat has helped me give myself the permission to do things my way but with some really practical business strategies and techniques to focus and actually achieve my business dreams.

I spent two days on a fab Business Retreat run by Hils Crisp getting clear and strategic about my plans and goals. I have to say my mind has been blown! Buzzing at bedtime and again the second I’m awake. Busily implementing my learnings around client work this week, I’m excited for the future and looking forward to working in a much more focused way going forwards.

I’d recommend this to any female entrepreneurs, particularly creatives, to learn to trust in their abilities and confidence, and also proactively apply strategies to their business for greater clarity and efficiency. I’ve had several enormous epiphanies which has been really quite extraordinary!

Zoe Hewitt

Zoe Hewitt Interiors

Attending this 2-day event will help you:


Feel energised, excited, inspired, motivated, confident and clear


Release old limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, fears, and unhelpful stories


Have a clear strategy and plan for 2023 so you know exactly what to focus on


Have the confidence to be more authentically visible, charge what you’re worth, and share from your heart​


Feel expansive, creative, aligned and like everything is possible


Get more strategic, organised, and productive with an easy-to-action, 90-day plan for Q1, so you make steady progress towards your goals


Grow yourself, boost your confidence, shift your money mindset and expand your energetic presence (which increases your magnetism)


Have clarity, confidence, more self-belief AND an aligned and authentic plan

Hils delivered an excellent two-day intensive retreat which has helped me on a personal development and practical business level.

It was also excellent timing being at the start of a new year and will enable me to move forward into 2019 with confidence. The Business Boost Retreat was just that – a boost for the year ahead!

Corinne Thomas

Founder, Ethical Sales

This is for you if:

– you are an ambitious businesswoman with a service-based business such as a coach, health/wellbeing practitioner, designer, spiritual guide, copywriter, photographer or healer

– you know you have something to offer that will really help people but you’re holding yourself back or lacking in confidence

– you want to start 2023 strong with clear, aligned goals and an achievable plan

– you are ambitious, have big dreams, and want to create or scale a profitable business, with more consistent income in 2023

– you love what you do and want your business to align with your core values

– you want to attract more ideal clients, fill your programs, charge what you’re worth and grow your business with ease and flow


This is not for you if:

– you are not committed to your personal growth as well as your business growth

– you want out-of-the-box strategies and to be told what to do

– you have your goals and plans sorted for 2023

What an incredibly insightful, useful and enjoyable couple of days. This retreat has enabled me to get completely clear on what is most important to me, where I’d like to be in a few years and feel totally confident that I can not only get there but enjoy the journey. Hils is inspirational and so supportive. Thank you Hils, highly recommended!


Loving the yoga


Practical details

This is a super affordable, high-value, 2-day online business strategy and planning and personal growth retreat.


Wednesday January 11th & Thursday January 12th, 10-5.30.

4 x 90-minute sessions (max) on zoom per day with regular screen breaks.

Recordings can be made available if you need to miss any sessions but it will of course be best if you attend the whole 2 days live.

Grow you to grow your business

You will work on your mindset, and energy, clearing limiting beliefs, fears, and negative thoughts so you are in the right head & heartspace to create authentic success.

Strategy & Planning

You will take all your ideas, thoughts, and dreams and create clear, aligned goals AND a clear, achievable plan for 2023 and for the first quarter so you have focus, motivation, and a clear direction.

It's a chance to work ON your business, as an ambitious business owner before you get lost in the busyness of working IN your business.

What you will get / learn:

– set clear, aligned goals for 2023 and for the first quarter

– create an income breakdown plan and an overview marketing plan for 2023 and a detailed plan for Q1 (including spreadsheets and a workbook)

– learn a powerful process for setting clear goals and creating a plan to achieve them, creating the success you want

– learn to increase your energetic presence (what makes you magnetic) while feeling safe, grounded, and totally yourself

– feel more confident to be visible, authentic, and charge your worth

– feel boosted, excited, inspired and motivated (procrastination begone!)

I really enjoyed Hils’ Business Boost Retreat, it gave me two days to focus on my mindset, my hopes for the business and my goals. I’m coming away with a very clear plan for the next 90 days.

Zoe Whitman

But the Books


50% off for members of The Authentic Business Club.



*Members of The Authentic Business Club get a 50% discount off the non-member price.

The club is just £44 per month so it’s an amazing deal to join up now – plus you’ll get all the amazing resources and benefits of being a member.

You must be a member of the Club at the time of booking AND at the time of the retreat to qualify for the discounts.


Please make sure you have read my Terms and Conditions before you enrol as by making payment, you are agreeing to these terms.

If you have any questions or want to have a chat about whether this is right for you, please book a discovery call with me below stating your interest in the retreat.



A self-study training to help you achieve a LOT more (particularly to actually achieve your goals), be more focused and productive and create a soul-aligned business,

Worth £97. Check it out here for more info

It consists of spreadsheets, workbooks and resources plus a video masterclass to take you through the process.

NB: you will receive this after the retreat.

Wow to take 2 days out has to be worthwhile and not knowing what to expect, it was totally worth it. Proper escape and with such great people.

Mandy Risso, Founder, Rivendell

Just as a business is an ongoing investment of time and energy, this retreat will set you up for having aligned, authentic success.



Are you ready to start 2023 strong and grow your business?

Frequently asked Questions

How will the retreat be delivered?

The 2 days will be broken down into 4 x 90-minute sessions (max) per day with plenty of screen breaks.

Some of the time you will be working on your goals or plan by yourself, sometimes we will be together in the whole group and at times you’ll be working in pairs or small groups.

Will this help me with my marketing?

This retreat is focused on strategic planning AND personal development (particularly around pricing and busting your money blocks AND increasing your confidence to be authentically visible).

It will all help your marketing but the retreat is not focused on ‘how-to’ do marketing.

You will create a strategy and lay the marketing foundations around your offers, positioning and pricing but we won’t be working on your marketing activities in detail. You can get help with that from me in my 1-2-1 Mentoring program or via my membership The Authentic Business Club.

What kind of personal development techniques do you use?

When I started my business nearly 9 years ago I qualified in various modalities such as The Art of Feminine Presence, Heart IQ, NLP and EFT (aka tapping). I also use meditations, visualisations and other techniques.

I will draw from any and all of these as well as my 9 years of experience working with female entrepreneurs, to help you bust through your blocks, release limiting beliefs, raise your vibration, step into your power and embrace your authentic self.

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