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Why marketing yourself feels so hard

I know you may dislike or even hate marketing, especially marketing yourself. Perhaps you feel like a dinosaur when it comes to marketing and social media and not knowing what to do or how to do it in a way that feels good.

I get it, its hard.

It’s so much easier to market a product, or market someone else’s event or to hide behind a company/brand name and market that. But when you have what’s called a personal brand, ie you are your business or brand or very much the face of your business, it is different.

If you work closely with your clients, especially if you’re a coach, therapist, freelancer, consultant or something like that, you HAVE to market yourself so that people can get to know, like and trust you and that can be really hard.

When you do work you love, when you are offering your unique gifts to the world, and when you’re sharing your passion, you are essentially packaging up your heart and soul and putting it out there to be, well quite frankly, squished! You know?!

You’re putting your tender heart and soul out there for all the world to see and potentially criticise, reject, slag off or ignore. It is exposing, feels vulnerable and it is scary as hell! You may get plagued with thoughts like…


What if no one sees?
What if everyone sees?
What if someone leaves a nasty comment?


Especially on social media, its difficult to have any control over how what you put out is received or the comments that people may make publicly.

This makes marketing yourself a really vulnerable and scary thing to do and that fear can stop you from making more of a success with your business.

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So, I wanted to make this blog and video to help you understand why you’re struggling because if you can understand it, it will help you deal with it. I also want to help you make your marketing more enjoyable so you can do more of it and create the success in your business that you want!.

Putting yourself and your work out there directly confronts all your fears of not being good enough, being a fraud, being humiliated, criticised or judged etc. These fears are actually really deeply rooted in your need to belong to your tribe – it’s a very basic survival need, to be connected to our tribe!

These fears aren’t wrong, in fact they are trying to keep you safe by helping you not do or say anything that may cause your tribe to reject you. You also can’t get rid of them, but they do need to be mastered, so they don’t hold you back, but instead free you up for sharing your work more fearlessly.

And those fears will also affect what marketing you do and how you’re doing it (if any) and the energy you’re putting it out there with. People will pick up on the energy and emotions that lie behind your marketing, so if you’re hating how you’re promoting yourself, your audience will feel that and feel uneasy – even if they don’t know why.

But you can’t sell anything without marketing, it’s the bedrock of any business so you really need to learn to love it.


How to make marketing yourself enjoyable

There are many many ways you can make marketing yourself fun and enjoyable – instead of feared and hated! Here’s three:

# 1 Find your marketing sweet spot. Finding and using to your advantage your marketing sweet spot will immediately help you enjoy your marketing more and make it more effective too. Check out my previous blog on that here.

# 2 Doing marketing authentically.  Marketing yourself in a way that feels right and good to you makes a huge difference. So while I totally advocate taking in some of the advice out there, learning and trying new things (from me or whoever), I suggest you also do it your way. Learn to really listen to yourself and only do something that feels good, even if the advice is ‘this is the way to do it’. Don’t do anything which feels really icky to you as others will feel it and be put off.

# 3 Master Your Fears. Get help with your fears, feelings, lack of confidence or whatever is blocking you from putting yourself out there. Moving through those will massively help you to market yourself more confidently. So you can share your gifts with the world – which is what I love helping women to do! If you need help, contact me here.

I’d love to hear from you – what scares you about marketing yourself or what stops you from promoting yourself at all or in a bigger way?

Please comment below…
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