Discover the top 5 beliefs that you must be aware of, you must be consistently working on and you must shift in order to grow a thriving business, or they will be putting the brakes on your progress and success.


What’s needed for success?


You need many things in order to make a success of your business, however that looks to you.

There are the outer or external things.

  • A strong business strategy
  • Solid foundations
  • Effective consistent marketing

And there are the inner aspects.

  • Confidence to market your business and put yourself out there
  • The right mindset and attitude (of perseverance, learning, patience and determination)
  • Passion for what you do

PLUS your beliefs.


Why your beliefs affect you

Beliefs are simply thoughts that we think repeatedly, they come from our experiences and the meaning we give to those experiences. We think these thoughts consciously and unconsciously again and again so much, that we completely believe them.

They may not however, be true.

Your beliefs shape the way you see and experience the world, your relationships and yourself. What you believe to be true about yourself and the world around you will affect everything – how you think, act and feel and what you can create.


You can only grow your business and achieve what you want to achieve to the extent of your beliefs and mindset. If you don’t believe you can do something, you are very likely to prove yourself right!


Belief is everything.

What you believe about yourself; your abilities, your strength, how much you can earn, your staying power and your potential, is so important.

Thoughts like “Have I got what it takes?” “Will I earn enough money?” “I don’t understand all the digital and techie stuff” and “I don’t want to be salesy” are your beliefs playing out.

What you believe about the world; whether people want what you are offering, if they can afford it or not, thoughts like “there are already too many massage therapists so is there space for me in the marketplace?”, will also have an effect.


The following are the top 5 beliefs that you must be aware of, you must be consistently working on and you must shift in order to grow a thriving and successful business, or they will be putting the brakes on your progress.


#1 The belief that you’re not good enough

I’ll start with the biggie! Not feeling good enough, self-doubt or a lack of self-esteem or confidence is an extremely complex issue which can start in childhood and be affected by situations at any time.

We all feel it to an extent, in a big or subtle way, and at different times.

No one is completely immune.

It can get triggered by almost anything; comparison-itis, trying something for the first time like doing video, imposter syndrome, something someone says (this can be particularly true when first starting out and you’re unsure about how your business will work), when you try to up-level your branding, creating a website, writing a blog, when deciding on pricing and much much more.

Not feeling good enough means not good enough to earn a certain amount, not good enough to be listened to, not good enough to achieve success past a certain point.

Creating your very own heart-centred business is akin to birthing a real baby. It’s precious, it’s unknown, it’s knackering and you absolutely don’t want anyone to judge it.

Starting a business is likely a new thing, something you’ve not done before so you’re taking a huge step outside of your comfort zone. Often an enormous leap of faith. That will nearly always trigger some kind of self-doubting inner talk and feeling not good enough.

But if you give in to that talk and believe you’re not good enough to succeed and create the life and business you want, well, you can see how this will totally hold you back!


#2 The belief that you have nothing to say worth listening to

Intricately related to not feeling good enough is the belief that you have nothing worth sharing, that no one wants to hear what you have to say or that it’s all been said before and you have nothing new to add.

This is a tricky one because, when you first start out, depending on your niche, you may not have much to share that is new or different. But the key thing to understand is that you don’t need to. Your combination of opinions, values, qualifications and experience is totally unique to you. No one else has that.

You also don’t need to be a guru, THE expert or the only one talking about your niche. That would be impossible anyway, given the amount of information on the internet! You CAN however, still add your unique viewpoint and be part of the bigger conversation.

The only way you’ll tease out your different or new opinions to add to the wider conversation is through sharing – whether that’s through blogs, videos or whatever. The practice of talking about your specialism and working with clients over time, will help you find your unique voice and viewpoint.

Your unique personality, your way of phrasing something, your particular approach or your stories will be the exact thing that your ideal clients resonate with.

The best thing you can do is be 100% you and to bring your authenticity to the table.

So even when you don’t think what you have to say is worth sharing, share it anyway!

You may be just what someone needs to hear.


#3 The belief that you can’t do (fill in the blank) eg write that blog, do live video, ask for money

It’s really easy to let fear drive your decisions. You may not even know it is fear. Fear often manifests as you thinking to yourself “I can’t do live video”, “I’m not a good writer”, “I don’t think I can charge that” or any other ‘I can’t’ thoughts.

When you think any thoughts like that, it’s probably your fear talking. When you stop yourself from doing something you know will take your business forward, it will almost certainly be because of fear lurking underneath.

Fear of being seen, fear of being judged, fear of making a fool of yourself, fear of doing it wrong, fear of humiliation, fear of getting in over your head, fear of embarrassment, fear of people not believing in you or your message, fear of stress or overwhelm etc etc. There’s also fear of success – which is a whole other ballgame!

There is also likely to be a knowledge gap, which is really common when you’re on the huge learning curve that starting your own business is. You may not know how to do something, which can definitely cause procrastination and those “I can’t do it” thoughts.

You can’t know how to do everything, but you can learn. There are resources out there, free things as well as courses, workshops and coaches like me that can help you. So don’t let not knowing how to do something (and fear) stop you from taking action and making forward progress.

Get the help you need. Stop saying “I can’t” and start saying “what if I can?”

If you’d like more on this and my simple 3-step process to do when fear arises, check out this blog on ‘self-sabotage’ here.


#4 The belief that marketing, sales and promotion are icky and uncomfortable

If you are scared of marketing your business or your services because you believe promotion is pushy, yucky, salesy or unspiritual – you will never be successful. You honestly cannot have a successful business without marketing it – that’s how people get to know about it and get to buy from you.

If you have any discomfort about marketing and selling your services, you either won’t do it, or you’ll copy others and it won’t feel authentic. You may even end up in a self-fulfilling prophecy of feeling even more uncomfortable with it.

You have to get comfortable with marketing and even learn to enjoy it (it’s possible I promise). You CAN market yourself and your business effectively AND authentically – it’s not one or the other.

This is my speciality.

When you promote your heart-centred business the right way, you are simply serving. When you can get in front of your ideal clients, you’re helping them find the solution they want and need.

When done well, closing a sale can actually result in the client feeling relieved because they’ve found the solution. Isn’t that a thought?

If you don’t get in front of your ideal clients, you’re actually doing them a disservice! You are withholding what they want and need from them – and that’s not what you want to do, is it?

You want to help them and serve them. Marketing your business authentically will enable you to do that.


#5 The belief that you’re not clear enough on your thing.

This can be a big one that holds people back. When you feel not clear enough on your niche, offering or value it can be really difficult to put content out there, create a website and market your business.

You feel scared that everyone will see it (which is the point) but that if it changes they will get confused or judge you for changing.

The truth is, the only way to get clear, is to take action.

I know! As someone who tried on quite a few niche hats before landing where I am now, I know that it’s hard to keep going when you’re not totally clear. I also know from experience that it’s the only way through.

You won’t get clear by thinking about what you want to offer, you won’t get clear by waiting and you won’t get clear by being coached or reading a book. All of these things may help but the biggest learning and the road to clarity comes from the doing.

You have to experiment, you have to put stuff out there and see how it feels, you have to test the market to know the response. You have to be vulnerable and try. In doing so, the clarity will emerge.

If you struggle with procrastination due to perfectionism then definitely check out my previous blog here.


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