When you live in alignment with your deepest truth, life flows more effortlessly, things you want happen more easily and you feel healthy, full of energy and abundant.

You may recognise this feeling, for me it feels like “I’m on Fire!“, I feel really in my power and I’m in the right place.

When you’re not listening to your inner guidance you’ll make decisions which take you down the wrong paths and you’ll feel tired, drained, lost or confused.

Listening effectively to your intuition is not easy; for most it is confusing, conflicting and often quite frustrating!

There are tons of tools and techniques you can use to connect to and listen to your deepest inner wisdom or intuition, such as guided meditations, but in this video I’m going to share with you the 3 keys which you need to use in conjunction with any technique.

Please comment below your favourite way to connect to your intuition.


Love Hils x

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