You’re not alone.

If you strive to lead a heart-centred life, coming from a place of love and compassion instead of fear and distrust.
If you want to have a heart-led business which helps others and benefits the world.
If you want to have deeper, more authentic, heart-connected relationships…

You are on The Heart Path. And you are not alone.

There are people everywhere tuning into their hearts wisdom, listening deeply to their intuition and the calling from the depth of their soul.

There are people everywhere following their heart’s messages, courageously forging new routes, creating different ways of living.

There are people everywhere doing their personal development work, practising conscious relating, speaking their truth, becoming more and more authentic and bravely themselves.Becoming more than who they are now, becoming more of who they are really here to be.

There are people everywhere finding their innate power, not power over another, discovering their inner power, the truth of who they are.

The Heart Path takes great courage. The word courage actually comes from the word for heart, in French the word for heart is cœur, in Spanish it is El corazon. The word heart describes the physical blood-pumping organ, and the energetic heart which we also all have, yet it also means ‘core’, ‘depth’, ‘centre’ for it is the core of who we are.

You are not alone. If you feel afraid, it’s ok, you’re forging new pathways which can be scary at times. If you feel alone, find others on the Heart Path. Seek them out, they gather in circles and workshops to share, to listen, to be together.

You are not alone and you’re not meant to be alone either. Find your Heart Path companions, support each other to live your heart’s truth.Enjoy the journey together!

Don’t wait, don’t stay safe and small. Please, please, don’t regret your life. Don’t regret not stepping on to the Heart Path. If you hear the calling of something more, something bigger than you, something else, follow that, it will not fail you.

You are not going to regret it. I am not saying that you’re not going to suffer. I am not saying that you are not going to be defeated. I’m saying you’re not going to regret it.
– Paulo Coelho

Love Hils x


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