Learn what taking consistent, courageous action in business means, why you absolutely need to do it, what stops you from doing it and how you can develop it.


Staying focused

It can be hard to stay focused every week on your business. To think about and organise the myriad of things you could (and feel you should) be doing, from social media to blogging, creating content to networking.

The list always feels endless.

A ‘to-do’ list is never a ‘done’ list, we just cross something off and add more tasks on.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed, to get stressed trying to do it all, in your business as well as all the other important things in your life too! It’s a massive juggling act.

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed about your ‘to-do’ list though, inevitably makes you less productive, less able to focus, less likely to take action, less able to meet your deadlines and more difficult to do your best work.

The stress makes you go into ‘panic-mode’ and then it’s even harder to get ANYTHING done! For me, my brain gets totally scattered and I find it hard to focus on any one task.

Talk about a double whammy!

This massively gets in the way of you taking the consistent and courageous action necessary to achieve your goals and create the business you want.

Which is one of my ingredients of success; taking consistent and courageous action to move your business forward. The others being a having clear business strategy, confidence and mindset and having compelling marketing communication.


Why you don’t take consistent courageous action

Firstly let’s just acknowledge that it is hard being a solo business owner as you really do have to do everything from marketing to sales, from finance to admin, and from planning to client work. This isn’t the main reason however.

Secondly and more prevalently is a lack of clarity which usually stems from either a lack of planning or from a lack of knowledge.

When you are not clear on what tasks need to be done in say this coming week to achieve your goals, your ‘to-do’ list will be a mess and your focus will be scattered. Not being clear on how to do the tasks on your list can also lead to procrastination and a build-up of things not getting done.

Thirdly there is often a lack of confidence or some fear that bubbles up from inside of you, which totally blocks your progress.

Perfectionism is probably the best example of this, although there is also ‘comparisonitis’, imposter syndrome, feeling not good enough, going blank (usually because of fear) and various negative thought patterns.

With perfectionism, you so want everything to be amazing, your website, your copy, your photos, your marketing, every social media post, every email and every video. You work so hard on everything, trying to get it ‘good enough’ and up to your high standards. And so you should, to a point.

Because perfectionism can cause you to stall and not take as much action as you really need to.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again now:

“Imperfect action beats perfect inaction”


That’s why I call it ‘courageous’ action, because it takes courage to keep taking action consistently, even when you don’t feel like it, even when the inspiration isn’t there, even when you think it’s not good enough, even when you’ve fallen off the action bandwagon.

Courage is only needed when fear or vulnerability is present and as this come up frequently as you are doing new things, you need a HUGE heap of courage to be in business at all and to keep taking action consistently.

Action is necessary because without it, goals don’t get achieved, a plan gets ignored and a strategy is not worth the paper it’s written on! None of these business essentials count for anything without ACTION!

Goals are just the beginning

This is why taking courageous action is such a huge ingredient to success.

You cannot create success without it.


How to develop courageous action taking

#1 It’s a practice. You have to try it on in a safe way and continually push your limits, gently.

#2 Know it’s OK to feel fear or vulnerability, you’re taking a risk, so it’s unavoidable. Fear alone doesn’t necessarily hold you back, how you manage (or not manage) fear will.

#3 Work with me 1-2-1 over a few months to get emotional, marketing and business support and accountability plus learn how to create a 90-day plan so you can stay focused, stay on track and move towards your goals more easily.


Do you want some of that?

With courageous and consistent action taking, you can take your business anywhere!

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