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Get my FREE brainstorming workbook to create 25 pieces of meaningful marketing content that connects, resonates and attracts your ideal clients to you.

Right now, if you are:

  • Feeling confused, overwhelmed and stuck with your marketing content
  • Keep running out of ideas of what to post on social media
  • Sick of posting the same old thing and it not working
  • Struggling to get any engagement or growth on social media


This is for you

Imagine if you could:


  • come up with really great content that your ideal clients love
  • create content that really connects, resonates with and attracts your ideal clients
  • feel clearer and more confident marketing your business particularly on social media
  • get more engagement and grow your audience

This workbook and email mini-series on ‘Using Social Media for Business’ will help you generate at least 25 pieces of meaningful content you can use on social media giving you more:








I am thrilled with my experience of working with Hils. I’m a channeler & Energy Healer and all the marketing and business side of things is new to me.
Before I worked with Hils, I felt really lost, overwhelmed and had no idea where to begin with my marketing or how to move things forwards and was totally stuck.

I really appreciate how she broke things down for me, simplified and explained how the different elements of marketing work and how to do them. the best thing about working with Hils is that she really is so knowledgeable, supportive, would provide so much clarity whenever I got confused and made me feel like I could do it.

I would highly recommend anyone who feels stressed out or overwhelmed with building a business to work with Hils, as she takes all of that away and makes it simple, quick to do and effective! Plus she’s just a really lovely person!

Morwenna Bugano, Channeler, Teacher & Energy Healer


What you’ll get:

You’ll get my free brainstorming workbook with 5 questions all about your ideal clients AND 25 examples to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.

Plus you’ll get my email mini-series on ‘Using Social Media for Business’ to help you get more engagement and grow your audience.


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