Get Marketing Confident in one month with 31 essential tips & tools to help you market your business with confidence and authenticity

Are you struggling to make enough money from your heart-centred business?

Do you hate marketing, feel icky about selling or just need some help marketing yourself?

Do you need help in knowing what to focus on, to grow your business and income?


Then this is for you
This FREE HANDBOOK is for:


Women entrepreneurs, female business owners or self-employed women

Women with a personal brand – ie you are your business

Coaches, freelancers, consultants, teachers, facilitators, light-workers or therapists


Gone are the days of pushy, annoying marketing and selling…..

Now is the time for authentic marketing!


I started reading your Handbook, I’m taking it in slowly. Wow. It’s blowing me away. I’m going to take my time with this one and work through it.


Discover the KEYS to MARKETING SUCCESS while remaining AUTHENTIC:


#1 Your INNER LANDSCAPE – get to grips with your beliefs, thoughts, mindset, body, energy, confidence etc

#2 Your IDEAL CLIENT – discover why it works to focus on your ideal client and how to do it

#3 EMAIL MARKETING – find out how to build and nurture your list and have them buy from you

#4 SOCIAL MEDIA – get some amazing tips and tools to improve your social media engagement and enjoyment

#5 Get comfortable with MONEY – learn how to price yourself properly and make it easy for people to pay you

#6 Learn some TIME MANAGEMENT tools to help you get the best out of your time and ideas

PLUS a bonus BRANDING tip – that will have your marketing looking slick in no time


Get your FREE Authentic Marketing Handbook NOW


Get Marketing Confident in One Month


Get access to tons of resources (videos, third party apps, activities and practices)


This GUIDE is packed with 31 essential tips & tools to help you market your business with confidence


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