Soul-Aligned Success Strategic Goal Setting and Planning Process


A strategic goal setting and planning process to create soul-aligned success with your service-based business.

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If you want to achieve your big beautiful goals, be more focused and productive and create a soul-aligned business  – this training is for you.

It will bring you clarity, focus and consistency.
It will help you create a successful strategy.
It makes you take your business seriously and get your head around your numbers (so they’ll feel less scary).
It gets you aligned with your bigger purpose and what you’re here to do with your one wild and precious life.
It will make you more efficient and productive (not very sexy I know, but very important).
It will save you tons of time and headspace.

This comprehensive training will help you:

  • Get clear on your business goals and ensure they are helping you achieve your bigger life goals.
  • Get clear on what you’re really here to do with your soul-aligned business from your heart and soul.
  • Be clear on what services, programs etc you need to sell, at what price and how many, so you actually work towards your 12-month income goal.
  • Work more effectively in 90-day cycles so you’re always working towards your most important goals.
  • Save time instead of waste time by creating simple, productive, effective habits for working daily, weekly, monthly and beyond.
  • Reduce stress, confusion and overwhelm and stop procrastinating from a lack of clarity about what to do!


What this is:

This training consists of a video masterclass that teaches you this unique system of getting clear and soul-aligned, setting 3-year, 12-month and 3-month goals, planning out those goals strategically then working in 90-day cycles to achieve them.

It’s a system you will learn that is flexible enough that you can tweak or fit into what you currently use AND that you can use every year, every quarter and every week (indeed every day) to stay focused and productive. It’s also flexible enough to change and move things around, because you can plan but plans can and do change.

What’s included in the Soul-Aligned Success Planning System:

– Video Masterclass
– Yearly Business Review for Soul-Aligned Success workbook
– My Soul-Aligned Business Clarity Audit
– Annual Income Plan & Financial Goals Tracker
– Annual Overview Marketing Plan Template
– 90-day Success Plan workbook
– 90-day Success Plan Template

Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive a receipt AND an email (hopefully within a few minutes) with links to each separate resource for you to download and keep forever.




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