If you want to go beyond what you’ve done before, you need to be consistently opening yourself up to more possibilities and opportunities.

Its so easy for our minds to believe all that is possible, is what we’ve already done or achieved, but if you want to dream a bigger dream, live a better life, do new things and expand yourself, you have to consciously stretch yourself to include more of what’s possible.

Open to Opportunities

This is turn opens the way to you seeing more opportunities that you may otherwise miss!

Below, I’m going to share with you a very powerful and enjoyable technique you can do in just a few minutes each day, which will help open your energy up to the very vibration which will attract in things that you want.

Whether you have done my powerful process Dare to Dream & Do or not (check it out here if not) you can easily do this amazing practice in just a few minutes each day. Visualising your specific dreams and desires will bring more and more opportunities to you, which will align with what you want.

I’ve been doing it for just a few days now and it is massively shifting my energy and ideas around what’s possible. I’m feeling so expansive and positive about the future!

Your Practice: Imagine your Wishes Coming true

#1 Get ready either a large sheet of paper (A4 is fine), a notebook or several small pieces of paper, a pen and a jar or glass. Tune in for a moment to get still. Start to think of some things that you long for.

#2 Write down several different things you want to happen or you want to call in, on separate pieces of paper (or on one then cut them up). They need to be specific events, not too vague. For example having an awesome date with your future soulmate, breezing the interview for your dream job or running your first workshop. Fold each piece of paper with a separate wish on it and put them all in the jar or other recepticle.

#3 Several times a day (at least once and as many times as you like – you could set a reminder on your phone) pull out a wish at random, set a 2 or 3 minute timer and sit quietly with your eyes closed as you allow your imagination to create the scene of what you want to happen. Really go into the detail, imagine where you are, what’s happening and who’s there. Most of all feel how you will feel when its happening. When the time is up, pop the wish back in and go about your day until the next time.

This is sooo enjoyable you’re going to want to keep repeating it, so set up some reminders on your phone so you get to do it a few times a day and put your wishes somewhere you’ll see them often too!

Enjoy the results of increasing your energy to include more of what’s possible and just see what opportunities start to flow in 🙂

Love Hils x

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