How life gets in the way (if you let it)

Only by accidentally dropping this one simple practice have I realised how important it is to my wellbeing, mental and emotional states and with just 2-3 minutes a day I can easily feel happier, more open & more abundant – yippee!

My personal and spiritual practice has been a bit all over the place the last 2 months, because excitingly, I’ve got a new boyfriend – yay me:-)

He’s lovely and things are going well, however due to some unusual circumstances, he’s been practically living with me since we met! Fitting this new man into my already very full and busy life has been quite a challenge for me!

What I’ve noticed is, with suddenly less time available to me, certain things have been dropped. I think we’ve all been there (on one or both sides) when you (or your friend) meets a new partner and you (or they) kind of disappear for a while. I’ve done that a bit lately and neglected some dear friendships.

My self-care and connection routine, activities and practices have really suffered. My morning routine of yoga and two different meditations has been less frequent (it used to be almost every day without fail). My bedtime journaling practice has been sporadic at best (only when I’m on my own) and the most important practice (that I’m going to share with you below) has been almost totally shelved!

Cause and effect

The impact of the loss or lack of these supportive activities in just a few weeks, has slowly crept up on me. At first it was unnoticeable as I was happily distracted. Recently though I’ve realised just how important my personal practices are to me, as my physical body, thoughts and feelings have become more wobbly, erratic and negative.

My personal practices give me more stability, consistency, groundedness, openness, space, clarity and peace inside. They keep me on track, keep me connected with myself, my inner being, my intuition, my body, wellbeing and health.

They help me stay present and tuned in to how I’m feeling and what I’m wanting or needing – in any moment, on small things (such as what does my body need to eat right now) and the bigger things too (such as what’s the priority in my business today), so I can live from a connected, aligned place.

One of the most effective and important practices for me (and I think for many) is one which I think is easily misunderstood or often viewed at trite. When done properly though, a daily Gratitude Practice, is a deeply profound practice which taps into your core values and deeper why and helps you connect with what uniquely works for you, which gives you more personal power, openness to the good stuff (like abundance) and trust in life.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
– Melody Beattie

The Attitude of Gratitude

Genuinely appreciating what you have, things that happened or things about yourself is such a powerful frequency from a law of attraction perspective. It is the exact energy of awe, wonder, passion and excitement, of ‘look what I have!’, ‘doesn’t this feel great’ that attracts more of the same to you.

But you have to do it well, with feeling.

Your Practice

#1 Sit still and quietly and drop into presence with a few deep breaths. You can do this practice at any time, although I find it useful at the end of the day.

#2 Recall your day and start to notice all the things you can be grateful for from the day.

#3 Journal what you’re grateful for, be really specific and also state WHY you’re grateful for it. This second piece, when added to a very basic practice, takes it deeper and makes it much more powerful. So, before you dismiss this practice (with “I’ve tried it before“) try it including the why and notice the difference after a week.

#4 Feel the good (expansive, joyful and uplifting) feelings in your body as you do this practice.

For example: I’m grateful for the beautiful conversation I had with X because I feel more connected to him and myself, more grounded and relaxed. I’m grateful for my courage in sharing my truth about not feeling received because it opened up a bigger conversation after which I felt deeply heard and understood. I’m grateful for my body, how it moved at dance tonight and for feeling the rush of tingles and inner fire because I felt so alive and joyful and forgot all thoughts for a while, helping me feel free and open.

Love Hils x








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