All of life runs through natural rhythms, over and over again.

Every living thing needs rhythms to survive and thrive.

Each day of the week has a different rhythm; Monday back at work feels different to mid-week Wednesday, feels different to end-of-the-week, let’s celebrate Friday, feels different to restful Sunday.

Each part of the day has a different rhythm; a different energy, a different quality. From waking up all sleepy, starting the day slow, to exercising and eating breakfast feeling more awake, to feeling full of energy during the day, then as evening falls your energy starts to wane, until you’re very still, then asleep again.

Emotions move through the body in a rhythm; building, crescendo, peak, drop back. I dance 5 Rhythms every week, a practice which honours this natural flow of emotion (energy-in-motion) in the body through movement, the 5 rhythms being; flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness.

Each season of the year has a different rhythm; Winter is dark, more restful and still, Spring is newness, emerging, getting lighter, Summer is full, vibrant and bright, autumn is chaotic, slowing down, transitory.

Women have a menstrual cycle of rhythms which echo the seasons and follow the moon’s waxing and waning watery behaviour. Winter is when you’re bleeding, days 1-5, Spring is days 6-14, Summer days 15-19 and autumn days 20-28 – the days are approximate, every woman’s cycle differs.

Our whole life also mirrors these seasons, from birth, childhood and young adulthood (Spring), to our prime years of birthing our gifts or our children (Summer), to being more and more in our power and manifesting our life’s work (Autumn) to slowing down until eventually resting (Winter).

When we live in sync with these rhythms, life flows more easily, we have more energy throughout each rhythm and we can gain the special gifts offered by each one.

When we resist or fight against the natural rhythms such as staying up all night when we should be sleeping, still in full-steam-ahead mode in winter or being too still and quiet in mid-summer, our body and spirit feel this going-against-the-flow and they don’t like it. Often our physical bodies will revolt, make us sick so we slow down, this is especially true in autumn and winter when we don’t slow down and nurture ourselves enough.

To follow, I’m going to offer you the key gifts from each season which applies to everyone. For women you can tune into your monthly cycle and gain the gifts from each stage every month.



Winter viewNature is in its restful stage, animals hibernate, little growth occurs. Its time to sleep and rejuvenate.

The women’s archetype is of the wise woman or old crone, full of experience, wisdom and deeper knowing.

Your inner wisdom’s gifts are of heightened intuition, visioning and creativity.

On the cycle of manifesting our desires, winter offers time and space for dreaming.


Spring blossomNature awakens and thaws, new buds start emerging. It is time to sow seeds for this year.

The women’s archetype is of the young maiden, fresh and blessed with youth and vigour.

Your inner wisdom’s gifts are of guidance and courage to try new things.

On the cycle of manifesting our desires, spring gives us the period of gestating our dreams.




Summer daisyNature bursts into a frenzy of fullness and abundance of life. It is time to reap the harvest of plenty.

The women’s archetype is of the mother, full and abundant with love, giving freely of herself.

Your inner wisdom’s gifts are of power and confidence to birth new creations.

On the cycle of manifesting our desires, summer brings forth our dreams into being.


Autumn coloursNature returns to the earth the growth that wasn’t needed. It is time to compost any left-over goodness.

The women’s archetype is of the wild woman or priestess, showing us more what we won’t stand for.

Your inner wisdom’s gifts are of clarity and learning valuable lessons.

On the cycle of manifesting our desires, autumn is the time to let go of it all and surrender.


Your Practice:

#1 Wherever you are in your day, the month or the year, tune into the natural rhythm of that time. What is the energy and quality of that rhythm?

#2 If possible bring the quality of that rhythm into your day. Do you need to take more rest, do you want to go out dancing and socialising?

#3 Intentionally invite in the gift of your inner wisdom – is it time for learning a lesson or for listening to your intuition? Pick a practice which will best support and elicit the gifts.

Please comment below by sharing what you’ve learned from this blog or practice.


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