Manifesting Money

Would you like to manifest more money easily? How about £500? Or £5000? Maybe more? Right now.
Wouldn’t that be awesome!?
Find out how you can get yourself into the vibrational match, to make this possible (as I did when I unexpectedly manifested £5000 last year!) and get your free practice at the end.
Do you wish you could be more effortlessly financially abundant and prosperous, instead of stressed and worried about money, paying the bills and financial security? I know I still have a way to go, ha!

Money Beliefs

I’ve talked before about how our beliefs in the now create our future. Said in a different way, your future is shaped by what you believe today and what you do right now.
We all have hundreds of beliefs about money running around in our subconscious. Sometimes these beliefs are so deep and engrained that you’re probably not even aware you have them.
Perhaps you (or your family or community) believe:

  • having lots of money isn’t very spiritual (or that you should simply serve humanity)
  • that you can’t earn great money doing work you love
  • people with a lot of money are wasteful or are all pretentious wankers
  • that it doesn’t feel safe to you to receive lots of money
  • people with a lot of money are lonely and no happier than people without
  • people won’t genuinely like you as much if you have a lot more money than them
  • etc etc etc

These kinds of limiting beliefs may be blocking the amount and path of money that is able to flow into your life.
Whatever your beliefs, if you’re not as abundant as you’d like, your beliefs are probably blocking you, so by bringing awareness to and working on dissolving these beliefs, money can start to flow into your life more easily.
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Imagine if instead of believing that having lots of money isn’t very spiritual, you believed that the more money you had, the more you were able to help people, the more useful work you could do and the more spiritual you would be.
Wouldn’t shifting such a belief have a dramatic effect on your financial abundance?

A thank you note

It is a complex subject I admit. Our monetary system is fundamentally flawed and unsustainable and many of us, as a result, dislike money in some way. Yet I do believe that money is just an energy, a bartering system of exchange. I do this for me (provide a service) and you give this (money energy) back to me in exchange.
What if a bank note was simply a little thank you note, acknowledging what you’ve done to deserve it?

How to shift your beliefs

First you have to identify what your beliefs are. Being more consciously aware of your thoughts and judgements is a good place to start.
One of the best tools I use for shifting beliefs around anything is tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which I’m a Practitioner of. It is a simple and effective way of digging deep into thoughts, beliefs and emotions around any topic or issue and releasing any blocks. It works on your energy and emotional body by tapping on the meridian lines while talking about the problem.
You can try tapping right now by searching on Youtube for tapping or EFT and what your issue is, for example money/abundance. Then tap along with a video. I like Margaret Lynch and Brad Yates.
I will be using this and other powerful techniques in my upcoming workshop: Open to Abundance: Manifest more Money with Ease, to help you:

  • shift and dissolve unhelpful beliefs and block around money and finances
  • raise your vibration so you can attract more of what you want to you
  • change your persepective of what’s possible around money and financial abundance

I’m so excited to share all the powerful techniques I’ve used to bust through many of my money blocks over the last 4 years as I’ve made the transition to working for myself, doing work I love. Working on my beliefs has really helped me to follow my heart’s truth and create the life I want!
The workshop will be held in Bristol on September the 10th, click here for more details and to book.

Your Practice: Appreciate all Abundance

#1 Notice. Every time you receive money, whether it is owed to you, you earned it or someone paid for something, stop, notice and acknowledge that you just had money flow into your life. Notice how easy it was, really.
#2 Acknowledge. Write it down. Keep a little notebook, spreadsheet or journal and write down the amount and date you received it. This helps to really anchor your acknowledgement of the abundance you’ve received.
#3 Appreciate. Pause for a moment and really feel some gratitude for this money you’ve received and for what it can do for you. Say thank you internally and to the universe. You may want to imagine spending it on something which brings you joy. Smile and feel how receiving this energy (in the form of money) has lifted you. Even if its only a very small amount, imagine it is a huge sum and how amazing it is that it came into your life.
Please do this practice for a few days and leave a comment below with how you got on. What shifted for you?

Love Hils x

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