There is a growing tribe of women entrepreneurs who are there FOR each other, instead of just to SELL to each other.

My Facebook Group: The Courageous Women’s Collective is a community for independent business owners (or aspiring ones) who are there to be themselves, expand what is possible for them and their business and to support each other with respect and kindness.

Each day during your working week (as I believe in digi-detoxing at the weekends) you’ll receive a mini practice or question to help you:

Boost Your Courage & Self-belief

Increase Your Natural Confidence

Manage Your Challenges & Master your Fears

Care for & Honour Yourself

Celebrate what You ARE doing

I believe EMPOWERED WOMEN – EMPOWER OTHERS and yet so many of us have had terrible experiences with other women or groups of women, especially in our teenage years (and those traumas can stick around!) around jealousy, competitiveness, comparison, bullying, overpowering behaviour, bitchiness and gossiping.


I believe we can create a new story, one where other women are your friends, your support network, your confidantes, your sisters.

Let’s build community based on support, love, authenticity and honesty

Let’s inspire and encourage each other and celebrate our successes together

Let’s be the change and the leaders we wish to see in the world


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