If you’re not manifesting the things you want in life; whether that is the deep, intimate relationship you long for, the career change you know you need or the having the ‘me time’ you so want… it could be that your automatic actions and behaviours are not in alignment with what you’re wanting.

“Basically, you’re saying or thinking one thing and doing another! ”

– Hils Crisp

I often long for more balance, harmony and peace, but in reality I’m usually rushing around, organising too many things and trying to do too much. So funnily enough not getting what I really want.

I’m sure you do things, as I do, on automatic pilot, “I must send my newsletter this week” or “I’ll see my friend tomorrow as usual” without any real awareness of or connection to why you’re doing it.

Doing things with intention, instead of just automatically, forces me to really look at why I want or think I need to do something. It also helps me to focus better on the task in hand, say no to the things I don’t want and move more towards what I actually want to achieve.

Do you do things with intention?

So, next time you start to do another task on automatic pilot, stop for a moment and think “what is my intention for doing this?” wait for some answers to flow and feel into the ones that feel right and true for you.

Setting an intention is so so powerful. I do it often now, before going to an event, before creating something, before sending an email, before making any decision both personally and professionally.

I also use intention to manifest, consciously using my heart’s longing and truth as my guide, I effortlessly move closer to the things I want. Wayne Dyer’s written a whole book about it (The Power of Intention).
For example, I’ve enjoyed collaborating on a project with a couple of friends for the last six months and so earlier this year I set an intention to be open to more collaboration, to work with others and not ‘do it all myself!’. Within a few weeks I started working with Dan on our Heart Intelligence retreats and its been effortless, easy and so enjoyable.

My Challenge to you:
I challenge you to write down your answers to these questions, taking time to tune into your deepest truth and what feels right:

What is one thing you’re wanting to manifest at the moment?
What intention can you make to yourself now, that will help make that happen?
What behaviours do you need to change to be more in alignment with your intention?

+ a short practice – next time you send an email or go to an event, tune into what your intention is beforehand. Ask yourself, “why am I doing this?” Do, from that place.

I’d love to hear how you get on using intentions, so please comment and let me know.

Hils x


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