You’ve probably heard the old adage “A problem shared is a problem halved”

But have you heard that “a celebration shared is a celebration amplified“?

You may think sharing your problems, issues or troubles with others will burden or drain them, but it doesn’t need to. When you share your challenges or pain in a Heart Intelligence Circle, it gets gently digested by the whole group. Every member of the circle can hold a little bit of it for you, a perfectly palatable morsel that actually adds depth and richness to their life!

Equally, when you share something great, a celebration, success or joyful experience, that celebration gets amplified by all the members of the group and that response means it gets more amplified in you, helping to raise your ‘abundance ceiling‘. Your success or joy gets acknowledged and anchored more deeply inside you and everyone can share in your joy, feeling more joy in themselves – a win-win don’t you think?! Spreading the love:-)

This is not an indulgence.

This is necessary for good health, well-being, growth, fulfilment and happiness.

Regularly being in a heart intelligence circle supports me in so many ways, it feeds and nourishes me, it fills me up. Its like having a satisfying meal or a head-clearing walk in nature. It helps me to tune into my own heart, hear its truth and to move forward from that place in life, to be productive and joyful.

We are psychologically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually hardwired for connection, love and belonging… it is what gives meaning and purpose to our lives.
– Brene Brown

Sharing deeply in a group brings the connection, love and feeling of belonging we so long for and need. We need it for our growth and development, it helps us feel supported rather than alone and that helps us be more of our authentic selves. Feeling loved and supported and sharing your love and support with others, will open your heart and raise your vibration, so you can be more of who you can be and have more of what you want.

It tops you up, so you’re full when the group is gone and you’re just you again, going about your day.

Love Hils x


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