Do you try to ‘do it’ all alone?
Do you suffer with a case of over-independence?

We’re told we can ‘have it all‘ (be a great mum, a sexy and supportive partner and kick-ass business woman) and be as successful as men (or more so) and I believe we absolutely can be of course! But, many of us don’t get the balance right, the pressure to have it all can drive us to being far too independent and finding it hard to allow help in.

When you are hyper-independent and do everything yourself, you become overworked, overwhelmed, over-stimulated and stressed. This may lead to burnout, becoming sick or total exhaustion. I used to suffer massively with over-independence! I’m learning another way.

I remember how I was in the first two years of my business, working all hours, including weekends, not taking proper breaks, feeling like I couldn’t afford to outsource a thing so I was on a really steep learning curve of technology, programs and software such as WordPress (I built my first website pretty much all myself), MailChimp and Canva in addition to figuring out what my business was about, who I help with what and how do I do all that?!!!

I didn’t have the balance right and my health and well-being suffered. I was stressed from being constantly on the go, not sleeping well as my mind was so busy and found it so hard to slow down or… just … stop!

Missing connection

If you’re self-employed, a business owner, a freelancer or an entrepreneur and work on your own, you may be in danger of feeling isolated and of being too independent, trying to do it all alone.

This is especially true if, like me, you work from your home office. While amazing (#nocommute) I find it can get a bit lonely and I’m a real people-person, so I miss the connection! Perhaps you attend some networking groups and are members of some Facebook groups, which is ok but do you want more?

We are tribal beings and we need connection with other humans for survival, yet in order to thrive we need more than just a shallow, passing connection, we need deeper, more nourishing relationships and a mutual support network. As women particularly, we thrive on having those kinds of deep friendships, on being truly seen, heard and understood and on sharing our lives and journeys with others.

We need sisterhood.

From nourish to flourish

I believe you will be most nourished and resourced by being real and authentic and through being supported by others in a space where you can truly relax and be yourself. You need an environment where you’re not promoting yourself and your business or feeling like you need to project a particular persona or wear a mask (of perfection or ‘got it all together-ness’). This kind of fake projection can actually repel people away from you.

I firmly believe, when women come together and support each other, magic happens.

You need to be nourished and feel supported in order for you and your business to flourish!

Women’s Wellness Circles – for female entrepreneurs

So, I’m so incredibly excited to be welcoming several women to one of my Women’s Wellness tasters where they will have a space to drop into their truth, learn some amazing tools for confidence and connection, be boosted by other women and in the process boost their business by boosting their own well-being.

To find out about the next events click here.

I hope to see/meet you soon.
Love Hils x



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