The Authentic Business Club; The inspiring, uplifting, supportive place for ambitious heart-centred women to; learn how to market themselves confidently, expand their mindset & create an aligned, successful business

Find out all about it, straight from the horse’s mouth (ie me!) in this video, or read on:

During my time in Hils’ membership group I have experienced her as a dedicated supporter of me and my business. I have felt believed in and that has given me a solid base from which to take my next steps.

The structure of the membership itself has offered me the different aspects of teaching about marketing, each of which are necessary for success. Hils has delivered this in a way that has been easy to take in without overwhelm so enabling me to build things one step at a time.

I’m surprised and grateful how quickly these steps have lead to a threefold increase in my clients over just a few months.”

Grace Walker

Psychotherapist, "3x my clients!"

 Right now you may be:

  • Not getting the results you want from the time and energy you put into your business
  • Feeling stuck, going round in circles and confused by all the different options and conflicting advice
  • Getting knocked by disappointments and struggling with confidence and self-belief
  • Feeling overwhelmed, procrastinating and avoiding taking action
  • Not very organised or focused and wasting time on the wrong things or just winging it
  • Struggling to maintain motivation and focus, then losing confidence as what you’re doing isn’t working
  • Feeling lonely working in isolation all the time with no one to talk things through with

Imagine feeling clear and confident, making exciting progress in your business and thinking

I can do this”…


Introducing my business, marketing & confidence group membership,

The Authentic Business Club

Being a member will help you:


Get more clients & make more money


Step up, stop procrastinating and take bold steps forward


Feel supported, encouraged, inspired and motivated


Learn the business and marketing things you need to know and how to do them YOUR WAY


Actually implement your ideas in a structured way and achieve your goals


Cut through the confusion so you understand what you need to do that feels right to you


Get focused, strategic, intentional, organised and productive


Grow yourself, shift your money mindset and expand your energy and mindset


Make consistent progress with your business and build momentum

I love the membership – it’s helping me to keep progressing and focussed on my business. I also love the support of the group and Hils. Having a place to share my struggles that’s supportive is great.

Jane Millar

Alexander Technique, "Focus & Progress"

This is for you if:

– you are an ambitious businesswoman with a service-based business such as a coach, health/wellbeing practitioner, designer, spiritual guide, copywriter, photographer or healer

– you are a year or more into your business and have some foundations in place (if not, you will probably need to work with me 1-2-1 first to get your business up and running) book a call here and we can discuss it.

– you know you need to grow yourself and expand your mindset in order to grow your soulful business

– it’s important to you that you are authentic, have integrity, do marketing in a meaningful way and create a business aligned with who you are

– your business is your calling, purpose or passion and you want to make a bigger impact

– you are ready to get serious about your business, create something long-lasting and make more money


This is not for you if:

– you are only just starting your business (check out the VIP option below or my Strategic Marketing Mentoring Program instead)

– you have a product-based business (this is for service-based businesses)

– you need a lot of hand-holding and 1-2-1 help (check out the VIP option below or my Strategic Marketing Mentoring Program instead)

After the goal setting workshop the other day I’ve been filling in the spreadsheet and it has been super helpful in helping me break down my tasks and feel focused.  My motivation is up and I feel so less confused about how to move forward due to this – thank you Hils!”

Karen Lander

Children's Private Tutor, "Less confused & more motivated"


All sessions are live and interactive so you can ask questions, get my tailored advice and hear examples bespoke to your business.

Each Month:

1 x Marketing Training

1 x Group Coaching Session

1 x Personal Growth Session

Each Quarter:

A goal-setting and 90-day planning session to get clear, focused and motivated for the following quarter. Plus you get my 90-day Goal Setting workbook and 90-day plan template.

Resource library:

All previous live sessions are available for you to watch.

Marketing training on identifying and understanding your ideal client, creating compelling offers, writing converting copy, creating a desired lead magnet and email marketing, having an authentic and effective sales conversation, how to price your services, creating an effective marketing strategy & how to improve your marketing content.

Personal growth sessions on your aligned vision, why & mission, getting confident in being visible, busting procrastination, shifting your Money Mindset, connecting to your Power Centre, Receiving – exploring your relationship to receiving with a powerful guided meditation.

It all happens inside a Facebook group.

Marketing Training

Monthly live, interactive sessions on key marketing topics

Personal Growth

Interactive sessions to help you move past the inner blocks that can stop you

Expert advice

Your safe place to have your questions answered & get expert support



A library of past sessions + templates, spreadsheets etc


Group Coaching

Bring your questions and challenges and learn from others’ too


Our constructive feedback any time on your content, ideas, graphics, logos etc



Accountability on Monday and Friday to help you get clear & focused

Supportive Community

Women who will encourage you and celebrate your successes

Goal Setting & Planning

Quarterly sessions to set goals & create your plan

The Authentic Business Club – it’s great for encouraging me in bringing consistent attention to my business + education. It gives regular inspiration and support from Hils. Community with like-minded women.

Alison Bowker

Feeling Colours Facilitator, "Inspiration & Support"


You have 2 options to choose from.


Includes 1-2-1 coaching, 1 x 60 mins per month.

If you’d like some ongoing 1-2-1 expert coaching with me in addition to the group coaching so you can get individual help, tailored to your business and your needs, then choose this option.


If you’re more of a self-starter pick this option, which includes everything outlined above, except the 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

Please see the prices below for both options, they are both payable monthly by direct debit.

I simply ask for a 3-month minimum commitment from you so you give it some time, get into using my planning system and start getting results.



Please make sure you have read my Terms and Conditions before you enrol as by making payment, you are agreeing to these terms.

Join any time, cancel any time. I just ask for a 3-month minimum commitment at the start.

Plus, after your 3rd payment, you get my amazing Goal Setting and Planning Process, worth £97 (see bonus #2 below).

If you have any questions or want to have a chat about whether this is right for you, please book a discovery call with me below.

Joining – next steps

Once you have popped your details in (on one of the join here buttons in the tables above) you’ll get an email with the link to set up your direct debit.

Then you will receive an email with further details; a request for you to complete an intake form so I can get to know you and your business and best support you, a link to join the Facebook group and your FREE BONUS my Soul-Aligned Business Clarity Audit for you to complete.



My Soul-Aligned Business Clarity Audit is a workbook for you to do upfront to help you get clear on what you want for your life and your business, what you’re really here to do and want to do and to set some clear goals to aim for.

Worth £29.

NB: you will receive this as soon as you join


A self-study training to help you achieve a LOT more (particularly to actually achieve your goals), be more focused and productive and create a soul-aligned business,

Worth £97. Check it out here for more info

It consists of spreadsheets, workbooks and resources plus a video masterclass to take you through the process.

NB: you will receive this after you have been a member for 3 months

Loving the marketing sessions in the Authentic Business Club! I love being in your membership, it’s fantastic value for money, huge knowledge and support from you and the perfect place for female business owners to learn and grow.

Sarah Cook

Women's networking group: The Tribe, "Love it"

Just as a business is an ongoing investment of time and energy, this group will give you ongoing support, to help you stay on track.

If you have BIG DREAMS and you’re going to generate the income you want, then you need to be committed, consistent, courageous and have the self-belief and confidence to go for it – month after month!

That’s what being a member of The Authentic Business Club will help you do.


Are you ready to grow your business?

Frequently asked Questions

I'm not sure I can afford it, will it work for me?

I know it can feel scary to spend money each month when there’s not yet enough coming in, but how will you grow your business, get more clients and make more income if you continue trying to do it all alone without any expert help?

Can you really afford not to get help, put systems in place, grow your self-belief and confidence and learn the marketing know-how you need?

How many client sessions does it equate to, per month to pay for it? Hopefully not even 1 (or we need to talk about your pricing)! I think you will easily get at least one more client per month with my help. Plus, think of the time you will save from not procrastinating and being more efficient and focused?

Of course, I can’t promise it will work for you as I can’t do the work for you. I can only teach, guide, encourage and coach – you will need to do the rest.

It’s a lonely and frustrating place, not knowing the way forward or how to do something and not having anywhere or anyone to turn to for help and advice.

If you really want to do this and are committed to your growing your business steadily over time, the universe will respond and you’ll start to easily make the money to pay for it.

I'm not clear on my niche/business, is this right for me?

This mentorship group is designed for women who are past the start-up phase. You do need to have started your business and be at least a few months in, with some foundations in place (by that I mean enough clarity on your ideal clients, a couple of offers in place and some social media up and running).

If I really feel you haven’t got these foundations clear I will strongly recommend you work with me 1-2-1 or do the VIP option (which includes a 60-minute coaching session per month), so we can get you going and build some momentum.

Feel free to book a free chat with me here.

I don't think I need it / I'm in other business groups

If you already have a system of goal setting, planning and time management which is working for you, you are already working with a business coach or you don’t ever have wobbles in mindset or confidence – then no, you probably don’t need this.

If you’re struggling to implement things you learn, stay focused and be consistent, achieve your goals and stay motivated, you need some ongoing support and accountability to help you.

If you constantly have questions, ruminate over options or struggle to make decisions, you need this.

You may be in other groups, but are you learning what you need to know, getting ongoing coaching, advice and feedback and growing your business as a result? This membership group may fit alongside what you have already or it may be that you need this more.

How much time will it take?

Listen, you get out what you put in. This is a resource for you to access with live coaching, training and accountability, BUT you have to show up, for you and for your business. There are 3 or 4 live, high-value sessions per month of 60-90 minutes, time to engage etc and of course time to implement what you’re learning.

You have to show up in your business every day and every week. I’m not your mother, but I am here to help, to guide and to advise. I can’t force you to be in the group and engage and use it to get feedback and to get your questions answered (but I know those that do, get A LOT MORE from it than those that just watch). I can promise to be there for you every step of the way.

Obviously, the more time and energy you put into your business via this group (through the learning and implementation), the more you will get out of it. Building a business takes time, patience and determination, over time. You must consider always putting aside some time each week to work ON your business.

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