Find out why setting effective goals is crucial to your business success, why you may not be setting goals effectively & how to set and achieve your big business goals and dreams in 2018


I only first started intentionally visioning my future and setting goals for my life about 6/7 years ago. Before that I’d been drifting really, wondering why I wasn’t that happy, why I hadn’t met the right guy and why my career didn’t feel ‘right’.

Since then and through setting goals effectively and consistently, I have had the biggest transformations in my life – ever!

  • I manifested a flexible job working remotely which gave me the freedom to move away from stressful London
  • I moved to a totally new city, Bristol and I absolutely love it
  • I re-trained in coaching and personal development to follow my passions and deeper values
  • I started my own business so I’d have flexibility and freedom and could create my own thing
  • I met my very special, ‘forever’ man, Ralph
  • I started living my true purpose!

I had no idea that dreaming, visioning and setting specific goals could be so powerful. I’d never done it because nobody had ever shown me how or given me a good reason to do so.

First, a quick definition. Goals are specific aims or objectives of things you want to achieve.

Why set goals?

  • Goals bring clarity and focus and help you to prioritise what’s important – instead of getting bogged down in your to-do list.
  • Goals can keep you motivated (if set and followed properly).
  • Goals will bring your desires to life as they should be based on your deepest biggest dreams and desires, which should be led by your values and what will make you the happiest and most content.
  • Goals make everything else easier! They set the direction to go in and lay out the path to follow.
  • Goals help you make the progress you want in your business, whether that is doubling your income, reaching more people or making a bigger impact.
  • Setting goals truly helps make them happen. Sharing your goals with others particularly amplifies the effectiveness.
  • Goals help you grow – if you learn from what didn’t work out and constantly learn to reflect and improve yourself or your actions.
  • Conscious goal setting helps you to stay tuned in to your deepest truth and move towards fulfilment.
  • Goals push you to go further and achieve more.


So why might you not set goals?

I think there are a lot of reasons why people don’t set goals.

#1 Lack of knowledge. They don’t know how to set effective goals or they’re just not in the habit of doing so, so they don’t do it at all or they think they’re setting goals but their aims are so vague that they are simply not goals, but wishes. Goals should be specific enough to make plans from. Because we all know that…

A goal without a plan is just a wish

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#2 Disappointment. They have set goals before and got really disappointed or felt really despondent when they didn’t achieve them. It happens of course! The truth is you may not achieve all the goals you set and you have to be OK with that! They are something to aim towards, not to feel bad about it you miss the target. Desires and goals shift anyway and sometimes the universe has other plans for you. Part of effective goal setting is to be constantly reviewing them and how to achieve them.

#3 Fear! What I notice with my clients and members of my free Facebook group is that they shy away from setting specific goals which include actual numbers (such as “3 new clients this month” or “be making £2k per month in income”). When you set a goal with a measurable target, you can see whether or not you achieved it and you can track it along the way. Goals that are not specific are next to useless anyway. If you can’t measure it, you can’t achieve it.

#4 Unspiritual. It’s not spiritual/feminine/conscious to set goals. Some people think it’s wrong to want more than they have and that we should simply enjoy the journey and fully accept where we are at any moment. While I totally agree with acceptance and being in the now, I believe that we can also want things to be different and that’s OK, that’s part of being human. I don’t believe desire is wrong, unless it’s coming from a place of non-acceptance, like you can’t be OK unless something is different. That creates resistance.

#5 Lack of responsibility. Some people trust so deeply in the ‘universe’ to have their back that they forget to take self-responsibility and to also put in the work themselves. It’s a balance. I think we can and should consciously create our own life (through setting intentions and goals) and I think god/the universe (or whatever you believe in) also has a role to play in how things pan out.


Effective goal setting is more than just setting a specific, measurable goal on January the 1st then ignoring it for the rest of the year!

Effective goal setting is an ongoing process, whereby you set great goals, then you break them down into goals for 3 months, then 1 month, then a week.

You focus on them daily, weekly and monthly. You have them soooo front of mind, all the time, that it helps you to focus on achieving them and prioritising only activities which will help you achieve them.

This is how you achieve your goals, with consistent focus. It’s not a one-off task.

Effective Goals

Simple but not easy. I don’t know why we are not taught this in schools! Having set intentions and goals and done visioning as a conscious practice for 6/7 years, I’d love to empower you to set and achieve your big business goals next year.

If you’re serious about building your business and you’d like some support from me, with setting effective goals and learning how to focus on achieving them, then you have two options:

#1 Come to my Marketing Mentoring & Mastermind session on Effective Goal Setting for 2018 in Bristol on January 11th. The earlybird price ends next week!

#2 Book a 90 minute ‘Effective Goal Setting & Planning for 2018’ 1-2-1 coaching session with me for just £99 (if booked before the end of January as my prices will rise from February). Let me help you make really effective goals, then plan out how you’ll realise them so you can focus on the activities you need to be and you’ll stand a chance in actually achieving them!

Session to be taken online over software like Skype.

To book, make your payment using this link and I will email (your Paypal email address) to arrange the session.
Or email me on to pay by credit/debit card or bank transfer or if you have any questions.

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I hope that’s been useful. I’d love to know if you set goals already, don’t set them at all, or understand you probably need to do it all a LOT better. Please comment below and let me know. Thank you.

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