Hils Crisp

Hils Crisp is a natural and talented personal development facilitator, teacher and guide who stimulates and gently guides deep healing, shifts and insights in her clients, using her skills and training, the power of love and full permission for authenticity and truth.

She is passionate about empowering women: to love themselves more, to be authentic and true to themselves, to follow their heart’s truth and live their purpose with courage and confidence, to successfully do work they’re passionate about and enjoy deeper, fulfilling, heart-connected relationships.

After years living a life and doing work that wasn’t really her, Hils finally broke free of the shackles of mediocrity and changed everything about her life. She moved to a new city, re-trained, left her steady job in Marketing and started her own business – before she felt truly ready or was clear! She walks her talk that’s for sure!

Hils is a Heart IQ™ Practitioner Level 3, a Level 2 Teacher of The Art of Feminine Presence™, an NLP Practitioner and an EFT Practitioner. Hils holds a deep frequency of love and acceptance, is warm, wise and grounded and inspires people through her enthusiasm, positivity and love for life.

She is looking for speaking opportunities and is open to collaborations with business coaches or other professionals working with female entrepreneurs, where she can bring her unique, embodied and profound work to the women who need it.

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