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Build Your Beauty Brand

Who this is for:

Existing or budding natural and organic beauty entrepreneurs, who are serious about creating a successful, long-term, beauty product business. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business a while, if you want to grow or up-level your beauty business, working with me will help you achieve your sales, profit and brand awareness goals faster with less stress.

My expertise:

I’m an expert in beauty business and marketing and co-creator of the online business program Build your Beauty Brand and online course Price Your Beauty Products for Profit. With my Business and Marketing Studies degree as a foundation plus years of experience working with several premium and niche brands across all beauty categories since 1997, my skills, experience and knowledge are extensive.

Now I combine this expertise with my coaching training and experience and my personal passion for an organic and eco lifestyle by teaching budding beauty entrepreneurs how to build a successful business through private coaching and delivering our online programs, Build Your Beauty Brand and Price Your Beauty Products for Profit.

Since taking the course I can work out retailers margins quickly and easily – you can’t imagine the pressure this has taken off me. I am excited about moving into retail and I am especially proud of the presentation material I have put together for retailers. Working with Hils as my mentor enabled me to obtain personal support, talk through issues that came up and deal with them in real time. The positive feedback and encouragement in these sessions really helped to support my business.

Vicky Evans

Wall Mill Botanics,

What is Build Your Beauty Brand?

It is a High Impact Business and Marketing Intensive Program, created by myself (Hils) and the Directors of The School of Natural Skincare which takes natural and organic beauty entrepreneurs (new or existing ones) on a 12-month journey of creating and building a successful beauty brand.

If this sounds like you and you want to…




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After completing this program our beauty entrepreneurs have:


Won awards for their products


Had their products stocked by retailers


Been featured in Glossy Magazines


Been interviewed on beauty blogs


Refined their branding or completely re-branded


Launched their website & social media platforms

Private mentoring with me, will help you:

+ get clear on your goals and stay focused so you stop wasting time

+ grow your knowledge and confidence in the beauty industry

+ get things right from the start (or from now) saving you time and money

+ understand the financials such as pricing so you can make a profit

+ get stocked in the right retailers & forge successful partnerships

+ increase sales and profit, growing your brand year on year

+ build and implement a successful marketing plan which drives sales

So whether you struggle with focus or discipline, knowing where to start or what you should be doing, being organised or often feeling overwhelmed by your huge to do list, I can help you work more effectively and efficiently and stay on track to achieving your goals.

You don’t know what you don’t know! Your lack of knowledge and experience could cost you money or a potentially great professional partnership (such as with a key retailer), I don’t want that for you. I want you to get it right from the start and be a credible, professional brand. This is the only way to success over the long-haul.

All successful entrepreneurs have a business coach. Even coaches need a coach! Business coaching or mentoring is a lot like consulting, it is extra support for you and training in the specialist knowledge you need so you can get to your goals faster and more directly.

Features of the High Impact Programme:

– 12 months’ of private mentoring will give you direct, personal support with anything holding you or your business back from flourishing with success

– 6 x 45 minute sessions of coaching plus reasonable, direct email access to me, so you can get fast answers to any questions you have from an industry expert.

– 20 laser focused business lessons, with workbooks and video classes

– Actionable exercises and tasks to accelerate your business growth

– Membership to our vibrant, global community of beauty entrepreneurs


Check out all the details here or contact me directly if you have any questions here.

Build Your Beauty Brand has been such a useful and encouraging course – thank you Hils for being such a great mentor.

Joanna White

Mallow + White,

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve never had a coach before, what does coaching entail?
Coaching is like consulting but I’m not just going to tell you what to do, I’m also going to teach you how to do it, so you can learn and empower yourself to do more and more yourself as you build your skills, knowledge and experience.
Coaching will help you make less mistakes, keep you focused and working on the ‘right’ things and get you and your business where you want to go much much faster.

Is there really room in the beauty market for another brand?
I get asked this all the time as it can be an anxious decision to invest your time, energy and money into starting a new business. There is always room for another brand provided it is unique, good quality, executed professionally and has great marketing and business planning behind it. It will be hard work, I’m not going to tell you its a breeze, all success comes from consistent, effective hard work, over time. I can help you with all of that. In addition I will trust and believe in you, even when you doubt yourself and your abilities to achieve great things.

Where can I find out more information about the courses?
The course is delivered by The School of Natural Skincare and was co-created by me (Hils) with the mentoring all being delivered by me. Please go to this web page to find out all about the different business programs and sign up to the waiting list for Build Your Beauty Brand.

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