Do you hate pushy, sales-y people who make ridiculous claims?

Do you get annoyed by the amount of crap and ‘noise’ out there online?

Do you wish you could market yourself authentically and effectively?

Me too!

There is another way – welcome to my world of Authentic Marketing.

Imagine a tree.

The roots are your inner landscape, hidden underground. Your self-belief, self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence and fears are the foundations of your life and business. The soil is your history and your thoughts and emotions.

The branches are how the world sees and feels you; your confidence, your voice, your appearance and your energy. When you are your business, this translates as your marketing! The tree trunk consists of your strategies, goals, desires and intentions. These need to be strong and clear to allow your branches (marketing) to flourish.

If your roots are not weak and unhealthy (ie you’re running a lot of fear, doubt and anxiety) then your branches will look withered and dry (ie you may appear un-confident, lacking in credibility or even desperate!).

The weather is your environment and competitors – always changing, often a challenge! The stronger your roots and trunk, the better able you will be to weather any storms!

If your roots are healthy, strong and stable and able to suck up all the nutrients they need (ie your mindset is good, your energy is positive, you have enough self-belief and your authentic confidence is high), your branches will be full of healthy leaves and beautiful flowers (your marketing communications – emails, posts, videos) and you will attract loads of lovely bees (your ideal clients).

When the bees pollinate your flowers (your ideal clients buy from you), your tree fruits with glorious money!

If you get that your business depends as much on the health and strength of your inner landscape (your roots) as it does on your outer expression (your marketing) then check out ways to work with me so you can market yourself confidently.

If you know that your being is as important as your doing, then you’re in alignment with me, the way I see things and my values.

Thank Goddess:-)


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